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Just got my 360 today, all I have is Gears of War and I plan to get Rainbow Six Vegas tomorrow.

My gamertag: MikeyB19

any interest in some more Head-fi Gears of War matches? I've been desperately trying today to become more than a below-average player in live multiplayer, and would like some fun matches with familiar people.
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Habanero Joe

Hope to see you out there!
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larrylarry is my gamer tag.

I've been playing more halo 2 recently and have gears of war but the latency issues prevent my from playing online vs. and co-op very often. Yes the latency is an issue even just in co-op...

Add me, we can talk about how we're using hundreds of dollars in audio equipment for something that doesn't sound much better than an old audio cassette.
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DrBaalzamon is my gamer tag. Playing mostly any game Im currently playing

Gears of War, Fight Night R:3, Burnout etc etc. Happy fragging!

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Got my 360 today! Gamertag = roastpuff !!!

Getting GoW, Dead Rising & Lost Planet - I'll be able to play with you guys tonight!
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I play Battlefield 2. I still have not found another online game I like as much though I might try Rainbow Six Vegas.
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Man, I haven't played any games on my 360 in awhile, I mostly use it for marketplace downloads now (CSI in HD & stuff).
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choomanchoo808, in da hizzouse, (FOTM) Call of Duty 3
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Never noticed this before, GT=Muttonhead104

Playing alot of shadowrun right now, feel free to hit me up with a friend request
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Anyone still playin Xbox?
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I mostly play on my PS3, but I'll play Halo (mostly Reach) on the 360 here or there. 

Gamertag: Malakir314

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