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Wilco - Kicking Television

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I'm surprised nobody has posted about this yet. I picked it up this weekend. It's definitely a mixed bag.

At least that's what you said, muzzle of bees and poor places are high points,

Heavy metal drummer not so much.

It does have an odd sound to it though. It has a slightly distant sound like a bootleg; not like a right off the soundboard thing. I'm not sure if that is good or bad; definitely not polished, but a little murky. Having been to a few shows in the Vic, that may be the culprit.

Worth picking up if you are a Wilco fan
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I went straight for Jesus, Etc over the weekend when I had my shot at an Orpheus at the Tampa meet. Great stuff indeed.

I haven't listened to the whole set yet, but what I've heard sounded good. I like that it has a lot of live ambience as opposed to some live albums that are only identifiable as such by some crowd noise between tracks.
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Double post
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i'm only 5 trcks into kicking television, and i'm loving everything about it. it has an authentic live sound i haven't heard since grateful dead "for the faithful". i like the mic'ed from the audience sound. bass and drums especially have room ambience, and there's a bit of realistic grit in the mids and treble. but the cd here is nice and dynamic, especially the first track. and it's wilco, what's not to love there? this is a band that does NOT write checks in the studio they can't cash on stage.
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Wilco - Kicking Television

This is their new live album, that I just got early this week via pre-order.

So far, I like it a lot...it's a very well recorded live album, though not in the same league in that regard as Alison Krauss' live masterpiece.

One thing I'll say about these guys: they seem to have been particularly impressed with The Beatle's "A Day in the Life", as there is lots and lots of noise that's pretty similar to the orchestral dissonance that pops up from time to time in that track.

I'll be posting more detailed impressions later...but I was curious what others thought of it.
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I grabbed it the day it came out. Not by design, just happened to see it.
This may not go over well with Wilco fans, of which I am one, but I found it too laid back, too relaxed.
I guess that's where personal preference enters as I've always liked a rougher, ragged, more passionate rendition in concert. An example being I bought Dylan Live 1966 the same day and CD2 rocks. Kicking Television has been gathering dust while Ballad of the Thin Man has been on repeat.

I'm not giving up on Kicking Television just yet. SQ is fab!
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There's two KT threads I just realized: http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=148118

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Merged the two threads....
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This topic was getting a bit old, but I picked this up last week and it's a really great disc. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I've heard a few bootlegs from older Wilco tours, and this one blows them away. The current band lineup works really well at capturing the feel of the studio versions of songs but adding more energy and embellishments. This version of Spiders is head and shoulders above the A Ghost is Born version.

As for the sound quality, it definitely does sound a bit distant, more from the audience perspective. The actual clarity of sound sounds like a soundboard feed. Overall I think it has a real good "live" sound. It's even better through headphones as you can more easily to hear the little things going on throught all the songs.

The songs are heavily taken from the last two albums, so if you like older Wilco, it may not be for you. Otherwise, I'd recommend to any fan of Wilco and to any-non fan willing to give them a try.
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