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Pink Floyd who runs the Rock Grotto site and developed mods for the X-Can amps recommends Russian 6N23P tunes from the Voskhod plant. He sells them for 22 pounds for a pair. I just bought some on ebay for $20 US shipped from Ukraine. They seemed to have the correct logos and the seller had 100% feedback. But I guess I won't know what they're like till the get here in a couple of weeks.


Edit: the guy just sent me an email saying that my tubes had shipped complete with a photo of my package!

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I can recommend Tesla e88cc with gold plated legs. I've found one in an old radio in my attic, tried it just for fun and it stayed for good.


Previosly i've been using some 12au7 and few ecc88. This one brings extremely detailed soundstage and vocals, it even bested my previously fav tube --- GE 12au7 from late 50's, they got similliar characteristic but e88cc gives more gain and less noise.

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Personally, I love the Telefunken ECC88 (golden pins), very detailed sound.

I also like the Philips and Tesla ECC88, nice and warm sound.

Also some other good tubes that I found in old radios/tv's that work perfectly with my Schiit Vali 2, are ECC83 and ECC85.




I need a foam case to keep those tubes safe - any suggestions from an online store like ebay or amazon ?

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Siemens gold pins are the best I've heard. Just a fantastic sounding tube. Upscale audio has a good selection & reliable
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