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What are you amping the K701 with?

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Just curious what new owners are using to amp the K701s? Plan on the SR71 myself. The 62 ohms impedance/105 dB/V efficiency should indicate a lot could be used with it.
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GS-1 here. I'm listening at the same volume level as the HD650 (9 o'clock) with low gain (3x).
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was using my 701's on my pimeta, not so great, then i used them on my dynalo, much better... and now my dynahi (aka a half done dynamite lol) and it sounds awesome
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Will the Corda Aria and the k701 be a nice combination?
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I also plan to get the Aria. It'd be great if someone listened to the K701 on some Corda amps and posted some impressions.
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I haven't used them, but I've heard several people say that they require a lot of juice (including jamie from headroom): it doesn't seem like their published specs could be right.
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105 dB/V at 62 ohms corresponds to 93 dB/mW, which obviously is better comparable with the K501's 94 dB/mW.
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Using a Corda HA-2 MkI here... I can't say very well how it would compare to some of the more esoteric amps out there, but suffice it to say I'm perfectly content with the results I'm getting from it.
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I'm using a Headsave Classic. I tried them with my Perreaux SHX-1 0.5, and it didn't work well at all. It sounded quite bassy and lacked detail. I may be looking for another amp at some point, because it seems like the K701s are more sensitive to differences in amplifiers than my Sennheiser HD600s.
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My K701 should arrvie in this week! And Dr. Jan just told that the first batch of Aria should arrive in the next week. Hopeful you guys could get some comments about this combo in the next week.
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well should headroom ever ship mine that I ordered over a month ago now they will be out of my PPX or M3 for now...
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Ray Samuels HR-2.

The K701s take more power than I would have expected.

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On the go with a HeadAmp AE-1. At home with a Mapletree Ear Purist + HD100. At the office with a Jasmine T-200
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Woo Audio 3. I'd heard that the 701's needed a lot of power, but my Woo has no problem driving them, and they also played very loudly with no sense of strain when run through my AV reciever and a lowly boombox.
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I am currently running them with a Grace m902, which only has two hours on it.

Prior to that I ran them with a Ray Samuels XP-7.

With the m902, I listen from 65-80, depending on source.

With the XP-7 I listened at about 10-11 o'clock.

Both do well, but have a very different voicing.

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