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I sent my UR2s to Grover to be updated to UR6.
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Currently far more interested in UR6, and why Grover threads are (apparently) 'required' to have 50% Oritek content, especially when the reverse is not true.
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I've been listening to UR6s for the last couple of days in my system and think DarkAngle hit the nail right on the head with his assement. The tonal balance has definitely shifted to the less warm and slightly leaner side since the UR5 MK I/II and presents music with more energy and excitement which to be honest, is more in line with my tastes.

I've been using my Grovers between my Berendsen CDP and pre (will be assessing on my vinyl rig for now as I sent my CDP in for replacement today), and these new grovers do something really well with brass instruments too--not just air and extension but just a greater tonal accuracy then the previous versions.

In my system they are just as transparant as the Oriteks, if not more so and additionally I think they might be more enjoyable for over the long term. I don't know if I should comment here, because I haven't had time to do enough listening to really back up my gut feeling or pinpoint its origin (finals week at law school ), but something about the Oriteks signature has been just a tiny bit off for me. I'll expand if/when I can pinpoint what it is, or retract the statement all together if I find its just been a symptom of my recent stress/sleep deprivation induced irritability.

Now its time to get back to studying!
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Thanks for the impressions Gopher, I received a pair of UR6 this week but ive only had a brief listen. for me too, there is still something thats not sitting right about the tone of the X-1 and ive been trying to look past it since my very first impression. thats why i really felt the ur5 should not have been dismissed by the X-1, its not that clear-cut.

im planning on starting a new comparison thread between the X-1 and UR6 on monday or tuesday. i have another amp arriving tomorrow and i'd like to take the weekend to experiment with some different configurations and give the UR6 some burn-in before i post any impressions.i still have the UR5 so ill also include some details about what has changed for the UR6.

i really find it exciting that in relation to much more expensive equipment, the interconnects can really change the voice, and make-or-break the sonic signature of a system.
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I've had more time to listen to both cables and have formed some more solid opinions. My prefered configuration is Source, Grover, Pre, Magwire Origional, monoblock. I have yet to find another interconnect that gives me the powerful/dynamic presentation of the Magwires there while still giving the goods.

My opinions on the Grovers reamins very positive and I'm pretty sure they'll be my keepers.

Using the Oriteks in the configuration of Source, X-1, pre, Magwire, monoblocks something is still just off. Its an exciting listen at first, but I've found it to be rather fatiguing in time. Even with extreemly well mastered vinyl (i.e. Radiohead's Kid A on vinyl gave me a headache). I think Euclid might have pinpointed it as being a tonal thing--I dunno. I'm gonna be returning to my home in NY on friday where I have a couple other hifi rigs to expereiment. I'll throw the X-1s in my dads McIntosh rig and my brothers headphone rig and see how I feel.

Using two Oriteks in the configuration of Source, X-1, Pre, X-1, monos is an improvement to my ears. Something is still a little bit off, but its the first IC I haven't felt was immediately wrong in the place. It did dynamics well, but something about the body of voices and some instruments was just off to me. I think that though the integration of this cable might be very good, there is a tiny bit of an imbalance in the midrange (not as dominant as it should be) and this might have been my qualm.

To be honest, the quality of my listening sessions has been below standard lately, as I've been severely stressed with law school exams. I didn't have the time I normally might to sit there and focus on nothing but the sound and much of my listening was done passivly with my reportings here just being things that quickly caught my attention between pages and such. Regardless, at this point these are my feelings. When I hit NY on Friday I'll have more time to form them with different equpiment--the catch, I'm much less familiar with these configurations.

I guess we'll see what happens.
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Anyone know how all these cables compare to the old grover/wolff empress cable?

Billy Madison.
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