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Hmm... I vote a moderator changes ppl's funny title to "Relies on spell-checker" or similar...

Seriously, though, there should be a "Portable? Kiss my [very expensive home CDP]" option :-)
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Portable? Screw that [piece of crap]!
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panasonic sl-sx500

My panasonic sl-sx500 is over 3 year old and still rocks. My own complain is rather minimalistic remote, but other than that I love its sound. Rather sturdy box (alluminum top).
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I have the Sony D-FJ75TR with the tuner remote, line out/optical out combo. Even though I paid full price for this unit, it has performed flawlessly. The G-protection is always off and it has not skipped. I ride my bike to work and the Sony is in my backpack happily spinning, no skips.

I am listening to the Chesky Demo Disc (Rebecca Pidgeon - Spanish Harlem) with the Sony and the Beyer DT 250-80. The Sony can definitely drive low imepedance phones like the 250-80 very well. The Sony definitely needs the TA to drive the Senn 580 and even that may not be enough for some people.

Battery life has been very good with the Sony batteries, but the Powerex Nimhs (1600mAh) I purchased from Thomas Distributing are excellent. The Powerexes even improved the play time of my power hungry Creative Labs MP3 Jukebox to double of what the standard Creative Labs batteries were.

If I had found Headwize before I purchased the Sony, I probably would have bought one of the Panas or the 3904 w/c BTW I bought for my mom. I am very happy with my Sony.

Regards - reynman
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No eric i do not use spell checkers. when you all can type with your eys closed and can recover from a stroak without drooling upon yourself then maby you might be a canidate to make sutch unrelated coments about other people. Maby with age comes wisdom I dont know works for most of us.
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Whoa, sorry, I had no idea
Typing blind after a stroke- well, I have trouble typing in dim lighting...

I seem to be making a number of stupid mistakes lately... (mentioning the *.cx site for example)
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