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CD player problems

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I was thinking of selling my Marantz CD-6000 OSE CD player, but it's run into problems now and I can't sell it as is -- or use it, for that matter. For some reason, a short while ago I began getting static in my right headphone cup -- now the sound shorts out completely. Can anyone guess what the problem might be? The same thing happens whether I plug the headphones into the Melos or the headphone jack, and whether I use my HD600 or my brother's HD495. Just now I tried again and it took almost 15 minutes for sound to short out, while sometimes it takes just under 5.

If anyone can help me figure out what the problem is, I'd be very much obliged. Thanks in advance!
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I think its a short in the headphone circuit or something like that. It happens to me all the time with my portables. It happened to my md player but it was still under warranty so sony repaired it, or else it would have cost me $100. Have you ever accidentally yanked your headphones out of your player?
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i'd try moving this thread to the diy section, that is if you're madman enough to go at the thing with a soldering iron.

that said, i'd call marantz and see what they say. it might help to search on audiogon and see if your player has had similar problems reported. either way, the safest bet would be to phone/e-mail marantz and see what they think, how much it would cost to fix, etc..
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If the same symptom happens with your Melos, then it is not the headphone jack. It is somewhere in your internal DAC since they are both fed an analog signal. Do you have any authorized Marantz Service Centers nearby?
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Hmm... Bummer

Has the player had any suspect knocks in the past couple of weeks?

Do you have an external DAC of any description, so you could eliminate the internal DAC / analogue outputs??

My line outs went like that, because of the cables I was using, breaking the solder connections... That is the main reason why I got my DAC...
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Hm, thanks guys. I called Marantz and the idiot on the phone said he "couldn't diagnose from over in Seattle" as though if he were in the next town over he could help more... I can't find my receipt (the player's 1.5 years old) so I'm pretty sure the service center would charge half my yearly tuition just to look at the thing. Maybe I'll try using my portable MD recorder as an external DAC by feeding the optical output into it -- I don't have a standalone DAC and I don't feel like moving my CD player downstairs to the computer.

The player hasn't been hit in any way that I know of recently and when I transport it to and from school I do so in the original box with the styrofoam mold around it. Let's see how the DAC experiment works out.

Thanks again!
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Dan, sounds like your right RCA output might be damaged..it's actually pretty easy to replace the CD6000OSE's PCB-mounted RCA jacks with a pair of chassis mounted jacks; you can do it yourself, or any competent hi-fi store that performs repairs or upgrades can do it for not a lot of money.

- Wasif.

<edit> Erm, hang on..if it happens through the Marantz's built-in headphone jack as well, one of its NPC5872 DACs might be damaged. If that's the case, good luck getting a replacement: I've had one on order from NPC's North American distributor for about two months now (long story).
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