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Originally Posted by immtbiker
... Snip ...
Ah, to be young and in love and finally 21. "Expensive Tequila for everyone except Ray!"
Priceless quotes, Aaron.

Dude, you help make the meet what it was. All of us po' crackers thank you for comin' down hea' and helpin' us out.

Now, iff'n you would just learn to not stop up the plumbing, we might even ask you back agin. (maybe even some of those 12 bros and sistahs from back in 'ississippi).
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Originally Posted by immtbiker
Gentlemen...Please check your drawers (I don't care if they're boxers or briefs), because I left my Buddy Guy's- "DJ Please Play My Blues SACD"
in one of them. TIA.
I am listening as I type .... muhahahahahaha ...

It will be in the (now, not so empty) HF-1 box, when I get good and ready to send it back - hope you're a patient man. Oh, wait you're from NY - do you have "patient" in the dictionary?
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Originally Posted by blumenco
too bad i was not there! sounds like fun. crap! i missed out on the beer (and orpheus!).
The Breath of God lives

Great to hear from you, Clark, and we actually spoke of you (with proper reverence, of course) at the meet. See, once a Florida Head-Fi'er, always a FL HF.

Stay in touch, and come to the next one whenever, and wherever.
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Originally Posted by Teerawit
How hot (temp.) was this setup?
Like any dynahi it gets hot, what do you think the empty glass of water was for
Those heatsinks on the boards get pretty hot in my dynahi.
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Originally Posted by Jahn
Octopus Dynahi versus Lan's Spider Cmoy at the National Meet!
Yeah, mon - in a death cage ... git it on!
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Thanks for the kind words, roomy. I 'preciate them.

I din't realize that you knew that I stopped up the toilet. I figured you went after and I could pawn it off on you, but you're to smart for that. Must be that time you spent in the north.
But I swear, Wayne really did stop up mine...I wasn't home all day.

...and if you're only right about one thing, it's the patience thing. When you are stuck in traffic all day or waiting on lines for everything, you tend to lose your patience. But I still try to keep a good attitude.

This meet was as much fun, as any other meet I've ever been to. It's the group that makes it great, and this was a good group. I'm glad Buddy Guy has a good home for now, and take your time sending him back.
Tomorrow's Express Mail will do If I had a lot of patients, I'd make a great doctor.
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My Favorite Meet Pic

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Wow. What a great meet. Everyone there was great and I had a a lot of fun talking to everyone. My most memorable moment of the meet was when I let Gary (Guss2) listen to some system of the down on the Cyrus CD8, FEEL HP-200se, Headphile HF-1s setup. I suggested we take the cd over to the HE90 setup and next thing you know Gary and I are in the supposed quiet room blasting some S.O.A.D. through the Orpheus setup.

Qualia 010. Better than when I heard them at the last meet, but still sounded quite echoey and tunnel like. Seemed like a headphone that really doesn't do anything special but other than the annoying tunnel effect it didn't really do anything really bad either. Definately not worth the price imo.

RS1 vs. Modded HF-1. Absolutely no contest imo. The Headphile HF-1 was warmer and quite a bit fuller sounding in the bass department. I think tyrion hit the nail on the head when he said they were more musical than the RS1s. The RS1s sounded a bit dead in comparison. The HF-1s just simply got me more involved with the music I was listening too.

AKG 701s. Didn't spend a whole lot of time with them. They did sound a lot nicer than the 501s that I used to have. I guess that mainly has to do with the fact that the 701s actually had bass.

AKG k340s. Again didn't spend much time with these either. I do remember liking their sound quite a bit. I definately want to hear them again. They weren't the most comfortable headphone at the meet though.

Eastsound CD-E5. Wow. $750 can certainly buy you a lot these days. This thing is built like a tank and sounds great. If I wasn't dead set on the Sony SCD-1 I would pick one of these up.

Matt's Denon turntable looked and sounded fantastic. I might even see about picking one up.

AKG K1000s. I spent quite a bit of time with these headphones the night before the meet. I like them alot. Nice clear high end and wonderful mids. Very nice speaker-like soundstage. Bass was a little light but nicely articulated.

HE90s with Justins new amp. I love these headphones. My second favorite headphone. They just handle every kind of music you throw at them with ease. Wayne put it very nicely when he said that it isn't so much what these headphones do that is amazing, it is what they don't do. They pretty much do nothing wrong.

R10s. Definately my favorite headphone. I prefer them even to the HE90s. I thought that they had a little bit better midrange and I prefered the soundstage of the R10s. However I would definately be happy with either one of these headphones. IMO anyone who says these cans lack bass either are crazy or using them in a very bass light system. They had plently of bass on every amp on every amp I tried (FEEL HP-200se, Grace m902, SDS, and RSA Stealth). Towards the end of the meet. I moved my FEEL amp into the other room and hooked it up to the Sony SCD-1. I used the R10s with this setup and the music that came out of that setup was jaw droppingly beautiful. Some of the best audio i've ever heard. This setup has made up my mind to get both a Sony SCD-1 and a Sony R10. Oh well time to start saving.

I had such a great time at this meet that I definately will have to come down from virginia to attend future florida meets.
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Originally Posted by Teerawit
How hot (temp.) was this setup?
pretty freaken hot, the dynahi puts out a stupid amount of heat... and the powersupply was built with radio shack transfomers that were very unhappy and whatever parts i had laying around or stripped out of other stuff (pair of LM338's and lots of UPW caps hehe)

i literally finished the PSU the night before the meet

thats all temporary, i actually found a pretty nice chassis, my friend found it at a flea market for $5, somone machined it all out of aluminum with giant heatsink sides and a really nice airflow design that allows you to have one fan to get airflow over the heatsinks and the components inside the case... so one real slow 120mm undervolted a bit so it runs silent and bam, done...

also im getting a toroid for it, just havent gotten around to it, and redesigning the regulation quite a bit... again, just have to get to it... someday lol
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A wonderful meet, a really great group of guys, and some special ladies. Nightwoundstime (Matt) arranged terrific facilities, and Matt's parents (Doug and Barbara) brought delicious sandwiches and drinks. One of my real pleasures was watching Matt's parents enjoying the R10 and HE90 setups. They were really enthusiastic about the quality of musical presentation that they heard, and also about their son's hobby, and the enthusiasm and appreciation that the participants felt for their son.

I had the chance to listen carefully to an R10 powered by all of Ray Samuels' amplifiers. They all powered the R10 wonderfully, and only with very careful listening could any noticeable difference be heard between them. Any of Ray's amps are very suitable for driving an R10, IMO.

I felt that the HE90 powered by Justin's amp. was somewhat superior to my R10/SDS setup, and this HE90 setup provided the best sound reproduction that I've ever heard from any headphone. This was my first chance to hear an HE90, and I was truly impressed.

I learned a great deal from immtbiker (Aaron), with assistance from psychoZX (Joe), nightwoundstime (Matt), and stevieo (Steve). Aaron's hearing and judgment regarding system performance are amazing. He discovered, explained to me, and demonstrated subtle bass distortion, at high volume, on my SDS amp. The problem was absent with using a high bias headphone (e.g., an HD650), but it occurred with low bias headphones (e.g., RS-1, R10, and HF-1). The distortion was substantially reduced, however, after replacing the driver tube of the SDS with one provided by Matt. Seems that minor re-tuning of the SDS my be in order. It was an amazing opportunity to have super experienced headphone users, such as Aaron, evaluate my system, and to have the chance to switch headphones, tubes, etc., in and out of my system, in order to localize the problem. This could only have been done at a meet, which was of great value to me.

Although lots of the equipment at the meet was truly impressive, both in terms of performance and appearance, Matt's Denon turntable was really special. The sound that it provides is outstanding, while its appearance is especially beautiful.

It was wonderful to see members that I've met several times before, and who by now I consider to be friends (e.g., agile_one, tyrion, Ray, nightwoundstime, wmcmanus, stevieo, and flecom), and to meet fine members that are new to me (e.g., psychoZX. jp11801, immtbiker, guss2, Justin, and dburna). My wife (Holly) and I had a terrific time at this meet, and I was impressed, as usual, by quality of equipment brought by these members to the meet, and by the great care exercised by them in the handling and use of the equipment. I really look forward to the opportunity to participate in the next meet.
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Originally Posted by agile_one
I regret I only spent about 5 minutes here - but then, I can drive to Davie to see Mike and Oz anytime ...
Sounds like a road trip in the works. The CD-8 is an excellent cdp. I had planned on a comparison to the CD-E5 but Justin needed a source for his amps and I had an extra. Oz tells me the outboard power supply makes an already great cdp, that much better.

I wanted to say earlier in the thread but got busy, that whatever Ray did to my Raptor had taken it to another level. I loved this amp before Ray got a hold of it and I like even better now. It seems to everything better. The bass is truly deeper and tighter. The mids are just beautiful. The background is dead black. There appears to be better imaging and soundstage, as well. I've had to base this off of my memory of the Raptor before it went back to Ray. I believe others that had a chance to listen at the meet were in agreement.
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I didn't realize there were changes to your Raptor. I didn't spend much time with it, just a couple minutes with the K1000's and it sounded great. Really reflects greatly on Ray that he's constantly evaulating his own equipment and finding little upgrades which he then gives out to his customers. Of course the Raptor sounded great to begin with.

The first time I heard a Stealth it was Gene's, during a mini-meet at MikeG's (oh how naive I was back then). It paled in comparison to some of the other amps in the room, save for its' match with the R-10. I found out later that Ray had taken it back and replaced the tube sockets with new ones which only cost him pennies more than the originals. That tiny upgrade made all the difference in the Stealth, but took Ray a considerable amount of time & effort to fix.

Yeah, Ray's cool .
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Mikeg, that sounds really cool what aaron did with your system. you are right that a meet is the only place that suggestions can really be given and systems evaluated in such a detailed manner. as i said earlier, i just love head-fi.

I really need to have my system evaluated some time. I listen to it so much and tweak it so much that i can really loose my center in such a pursuit. it is afterall, very very hard to coerce a system built up of so many conflicting parts to do something so complecated as music even well at all. let alone to build a system that does EVERYTHING well. I have luckily found up here in wally world some new blood at whitman college. the only other walla walla head-fi member, iSleipner (aka Nick) is a relative newbie to headphone stuff though his collection and level of music appreciation is impressive. I look forward to learning from him. so lets show him a good time in the forums, y'all...

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Whew! What a trip! Sorry I haven't had a chance to post my impressions yet. Things have been crazy in Cayman since I got back home, plus I have this miserable cold that I picked up in New York. Ahh, but it was a fun trip, so it's worth it.

Let's see, impressions... I didn't actually get into the listening rooms until about 1:30pm. After returning my car rental, I had to wait an hour for the 30 minute airport shuttle. Then when I got back to the hotel, I chatted with Holly (mikeg's far and away better half) for another hour about all sorts of interesting non-audio topics (movies, books, travel and such).

Then when I walked into the (not so) quiet room, there was food staring at me! About a half hour and half a sheet of cookies later, I did some listening:

Gary's SCD-1, with Justin's knock-off HEV90 amp, and the HE90. I thought it was excellent and much like what I'm accustomed to hearing with my Orpheus system at home, but I honestly didn't give it enough time to do any critical listening. From my brief impressons, I'd say that this amp shows a lot of promise but it would be impossible to comment intelligently about how it might compare to the HEV90 unless and until I had them side by side for a comparison.

mikeg's Exemplar Audio modded Denon 2900, big caps Supra, and R10. I noticed that the R10s distorted at about 3/4 volume, which is much louder than I (or Mike) would normally listen. It was interesting to learn that Aaron (and others) also picked this up later in the meet. I didn't notice any distortion at 12:00 on the dial, but apparently Aaron did and was able to help Mike with this. In any case, the amp was sounding great at low-to-normal listening levels.

I used the same music with Mike's R10 system that I tried on the HE90 system: Junior Wells for blues and Buena Vista Social Club for jazz, which provided a nice upbeat tempo to bring out the best in both systems. For my money, I'm still an HE90 man (especially on the more up tempo material), but the R10 system wasn't far behind. Both are definitely reference headphones, and both were in reference class systems.

Matt's Denon turntable, Channel Island phono stage, MPX3, and HD600 (then K701). The albulm spinning was "Kind of Blue" by some unknown guy by the name of Miles Davis. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, where have I heard this 1,000 times before?" Again, a very nice presentation, and after Matt described to me what a steal he got on this table for, plus 3 crates of vinyl tossed in for free (all for $300), it was a truly incredible sounding system! But quite frankly, the pops and hisses got in the way a bit for me. Although I'd love to have an analog rig one day, it would have to come with all of the whistles and bells (which unfortunately means big $) or it would probably drive me nuts! I'm kind of finicky about noise floor, so if nothing else this allows me to justify sticking with digital for a while longer. The K701s were a better match for this system than were the HD600s but this, again, might be a preference thing in that I'm not generally a big fan of the HD600s.

Gene's Proceed dap and cdd combo with the Brocksieper (Ear Max Pro) amp and L3000: This time it was with another unknown band called The Beatles, using some of the MSFL remasters that Matt so graciously provided to each of us! (An incredible gesture by our young host, both in terms of the thought itself, and also the time that it must have taken to make all of these copies!). What I found was that The Beatles were overrated. They really sucked big-time! Nah, just kidding... they were sounding great, although this amp distorted at about 12:00 on the dial (which, again, was really loud, and far beyond normal listening levels).

Next, with the same system, I tried the "Thunder Road" from the new (remastered) 30th anniversary edition of Springsteen's "Born to Run" albulm. (If I've heard "Kind of Blue" 1,000 times, I can't begin to tell you how many times I've herad this material.) With the volume more in the "control" zone, it was quite nice. (As a side note, I tried this same track with several more systems throughout the afternoon, and have pretty much concluded that the 30th anniversary remaster isn't much of an improvement over the original... sad, but true).

Now, same system, but swapping amps and using the CI Audio VHP-1 amp with its VAC-1 power supply, rather than the EMP amp. Wow! This is most definitely a solid state sound, a little quicker than the EMP but with noticably etchy highs. Better? Worse? Hmmmm...

Back to the EMP with the same music on the fly, and it's definitely a more distant presentation, with notes falling off into outer space at times. I'm really not sure what to make of this quick "mini amp" shootout except that the EMP gives you a warm (even distant) tube sound whereas the CI Audio amp gives you a more immediate and up-front (but sometimes bothersome in the highs) presentation. I guess this means that both amps are operating as advertised!!!

More later...
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Thanks Matt...

I am the last one to post as usual. Matt did an outstanding job in organizing his first meet. I would like to thank him also for the ride from the airport. Also big thanks to his parents for their great cookies & the sandwitches that they provided for all of us. I really enjoyed seeing all my friends, Agile one, Tyrion, Aaron, Frank, Joe, MikeG, John, Guss2 & his lovely 21 years old love, Matt & Jason. I really had great time being over there, specially going through those streets of Sodom & Gumora. I saw things that I could not have imagined, girls, girls & more girls, just every where. It is so sad, so many girls, so little time. I hope my wife won't read this thread. I truely loved being there.
Ray Samuels
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