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Justin's new prototype

This setup had a Cyrus Feel to it

Mike alone at the "strip" table

My favorite martian

All you can eat buffet

Eastsounds nice

Ybor City

Ray: "I swear it's this big"
Matt: "You believe this guy?"

Ah, to be young and in love and finally 21. "Expensive Tequila for everyone except Ray!"
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i think somone confused the preview and submit buttons
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Originally Posted by flecom
i think somone confused the preview and submit buttons
Between cycling back and forth to Photobucket, and properties, and Head-Fi, and the cord on my HF-1's are too short to center myself in front of my keyboard, I was having difficulties.
However being a mod has it's perks, and I am able to edit and delete witout leaving traces.
I could have left you out to dry, Frank, without anyone knowing what you were talking about, but you were nice to me and a future amp builder and I'm going to want your amps cheap.

P.S.- I never use "Preview".
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the toroidal transformer in justin's electrostat amp is FOUR times bigger than the Melos'! sheesh!
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too bad i was not there! sounds like fun. crap! i missed out on the beer (and orpheus!).

I miss you guys. this is such a great community.

I have been up to some fun stuff over here in wally world. working for terry cain (cain and cain) over the summer and helping him some during the year. building speakers (for me), amps (for terry) (which is kinda backwards i guess), answering the phone, shipping, etc. I am still completing my music history degree at whitman college. i get to hear alot of good live classical music though.

google d-101s swan some time. i am using the fostex fe108esII driver in them. (not built yet) kindof a holy grail (at least one of them) among full rangers if you will. remember that full range drivers are like headphones for the room if done properly (very very difficult). these little 2.5 inchers should do an honest room bump at 25 to 30 hz. muahaha.

the enhanced sex amp is insane btw. i am finally breaking downn to buy a k701 (searching for the tone quality of the orpheus from dynamic still). I will be further modifying my toshiba sd 3960 (power supply). I am building a PA system based on the fe206e, and that pretty much does it. lots o projects. oh yeah, i am building a clavichord too. ahh!

if any of yous guys need to build a speaker some time try the fx120 (at madisound) and simply put it into the 10 liter reccommended bass reflex. they are insane!

also, cain and cain will be releasing some sweet ass computer speakers soon so keep in touch.

I had so much fun at the meet with you guys the other year. it was so eye opening, hearing the r10s made me cry. wcamus telling me to hear the orpheus it made me trek across the country to hear the orpheus at headroom corp on the drive out to school. that was also very eye opening. it gave me so much mission... I really want to hang out again with everyone though. looks like there are some new faces too. head-fi is gradually exploding too which is cool (read the stereophile article). we gots to keep things chill round here though.

anyways, busy busy...

see yas.


btw, cain and cain had a bunch of florida customers this summer, any of them you guys?
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Gentlemen...Please check your drawers (I don't care if they're boxers or briefs), because I left my Buddy Guy's- "DJ Please Play My Blues SACD"
in one of them. TIA.
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Originally Posted by immtbiker
Between cycling back and forth to Photobucket, and properties, and Head-Fi, and the cord on my HF-1's are too short to center myself in front of my keyboard, I was having difficulties.
However being a mod has it's perks, and I am able to edit and delete witout leaving traces.
I could have left you out to dry, Frank, without anyone knowing what you were talking about, but you were nice to me and a future amp builder and I'm going to want your amps cheap.

P.S.- I never use "Preview".
lol, this is true... im a mod on another large forum and we enjoy seeing how long it takes people to figure out they are on the "global ignore" list and nobody can see their posts haha
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There are other forums?
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More pics

Well I have somewhat recovered from my birthday hangover here goes the second round. I focused on the gear and the beer.

I really liked this set up and more than anything the absolute ingenuity of Frank to bring it together. From memory he had what I think was the samsung player hooked into the dac in the photo below hooked into the dynahi in proces.

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Well, finally some time to post. Seems I left work a little early last Friday to get to Tampa in time to unpack gear, and have a great Head-Fi weekend ... next thing I know, it's now Monday evening, and I have just slowed down enough to get to a non-work computer with some time on my hands.

Where to start? It was a fantastic, memorable weekend on many levels - people, places, food, great music and gear - all while hanging out with very cool people - it doesn't get any better than that.

All the usual suspects (except gsferrari) were there. NightWoundsTime (Matt) was super organizer, host and tour guide. Matt's mom and dad, Doug & Barbara were a pleasure to meet, and were super nice to bring authentic Cuban sandwiches and homemade cookies for lunch - then they were very cool and hung out with us for a while. Wmcmanus (Wayne) kept his string of Florida meets alive, and brought his usual high level of enthusiasm, comeraderie, and joy to all. It was Wayne who originally put us on the map by bringing his amazing and impressive gear to the original Florida meet in Clearwater, and he has stuck with us since - we thank you, Wayne, and hope to always have you at our parties. You know you've almost hit the big time when famous out of towners like immtbiker and stevieo (for the third time, Steve, we are not worthy - well, ok, we are) show up. Aaron and Stevie were terrific to be with, and brought great gear - Aaron's R10's, Qualia's, and the HeadRoom Desktop (both Home & Portable, on loan from Tyll) were mainstay's of the meet, and Stevieo had that adorable Stax portable. tyrion and jp11801 (Mike & John) - who needs to bring gear when you brew and supply us with Head-Fi IPA, an absolutely stellar, hoppy, with just right head of foamy goodness ale? A new standard has been set in meet refreshment, between the Cubans and the HF IPA. Flecom (Frank) - two amazing pieces - that work in progress Dynahi, and those new AKG 701's - if those two were all I saw that day, the meet was worth it. PsychoZX (Joe) - what can I say? Joe was the first guy I saw there - he came to the front desk as I was checking in - I looked up, and there was this dude with franken-HF-1's and a big smile on his face. Great to see you again, and sorry about that R10 disease not going away. Guss2 (Gary) - so good to see you again, and even nicer to meet Xenia , and having the pleasure of her company for the weekend. Gary, you are a fortunate man on many acounts - new HE90's, great amp on the way, SCD1 in the house, and the love of a good woman. Mikeg - always a pleasure to see my old friend, Mike and wife Holly (one of 4, count 'em 4 - is that some kind of record? - women in attendance). Mike, the SDS, Exemplar modded D-2900, and R10's are about as good as it can get, and it was very considerate of you to go to the effort of sharing them with us. New guy, dburna Dave and wife, Kathleen - what a pleasure to meet and spend time with you both. Glad you came over, and have fun selecting a headphone system.

Ray Samuels (Ray Samuels Audio) and Justin (Headamp) - thank you, thank you, thank you for coming all the way to our little meet, and sharing your wonderful creations. Ray, your amps never sounded better, and Justin, your work and lineup is very impressive - I think I will be spending some time quality with Gary after he gets his HE90 amp.

Friday night - what a blast - tyrion, jp11801, Guss2 & gf, Xenia, Wmcmanus, stevieo, and I went to concert at the Tampa Theatre.

Saw great show of Charlie Musselwhite and Blind Boys of Alabama. Charlie plays the finest Blues Harp of all time, and the Blind Boys are one of a kind.

After the show came the obligatory mini meet in hotel room - much fun conversation, some listening, and some mighty fine Head-Fi IPA to wash it all down.

Sat morning dawned early, and the amazing confusion that is a Head-Fi meet day took over. Brought gear to room, and got it set up - phone call from Aaron arriving at airport - get Aaron (just 1 1/2 miles away, thanks to Matt's great meet planning), then it's off to the races. These things never go to plan, and they are usually all the better for it. Too discombobulated to post many impressions right now, but I will comment on other's already posted in subsequent posts, and perhaps add a few slants of my own. There was no shortage of impressive gear there, and it all sounded very sweet, indeed.

As to after meet activities, however, I will post a few lines. The remaining Head-Fi'ers (Wmcmanus, Ray Samuels, Stevieo, immtbiker, Guss2, NightWoundsTime, and me) had the awesome responsibility of insuring the proper journey to legal adulthood of Gary's (Guss2) girlfriend, Xenia - and we were up to the challenge .

What followed was a night of fun and frolic in Tampa's answer to New Orlean's Bourbon St, Key West's Duval St, or Miami's South Beach - yes, we went to Ybor City, and had a memorable night out on the town. Here's some more pics of Ybor, a truly fun place to party. Happy Birthday (cumpleaños felices), Xenia - thanks for sharing it with us.
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Some more random gear thoughts

not sure who won the battle of the sen 650 cables
the Zu had the mids presented up front and it gave the vocals a wonderfull focused three dimensional quality to them
when I switched to the RnB the bass was glorious round full and defined but in relation I felt the vocals shift back into the mix abit.
If it were me and I was a sen guy it would be a tough call both great cables with two different flavors. BTW i think I was in the minority on this one as the RnB cable seemed to favored by most.

Qualia, I had never tried one and got the chance to check out Aaron's recabled one. Wow what a great headphone. Presented great detail and sounded very natural to me. I love the way they look, kinda remond me of the leather interior of my long since gone 85 toyota MR2. They may not be for everyone but I liked them.

Next the Hornet, I gave the Hornet a good listen on the ride up in the car with Mike. I put it up against the SR-71 listening to full songs on each and switching the lead off order. It really depended on the song these amps present the music in very different ways and should be heard prior to deciding which is for you.

I liked the 701s but really need time to decide if I need another pair of headphones. Much to my suprise they did bass really well while keeping the mids and highs I love in the 501s.

I am really kicking myself for not listening to the Cary cdp and the proceed gear 15 %*&! feet from me. Well there is always next time and how did the PS1 escape me. Well at least I popped the Orpheous' cherry much to my embarresment. But that's another story for another meet if I ever get invited back (sorry Gary)
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Originally Posted by immtbiker
Matt...Your captions of the pictures were priceless...you should be an editor that does front page Headlines, you would sell a lot of papers off the stands.
I agree - Matt, you crack me up, dude.

Originally Posted by immtbiker
It's amazing how that VPI HRX passed me right by, and those Ray Samuel homemade speakers, too (they must have been hiding under Matt's mom's homemade cookies, which also were muy bueno). How did Ray get all that equipment in those 2 little boxes.
Funny, I completely missed those, too, Aaron. Were they back in some super secret, handshake required, corner?

Originally Posted by immtbiker
Gary (Guss2)(GVS)(Gus)(Guss1)- your soon-to-be wife (come on, admit it, you're dead meat {no pun intended}), was an absolute trooper.
Yes, Gary is a dead man walking - no resisting that smile.

Originally Posted by immtbiker
Tyrion's borrwed Cyrus 2 box unit, borrowed from Oz, sounded fantastic (I'm not sure if it had any time on it...and sorry about the spilled coffee and hydrochloric acid accident part ), but the tray drawer seemed cheap to me and took away from it's glory. I feel the same way about my G08. I know it is a CD-Rom drive but Meridian really needed to put some more class in the mechanism...after all, that is the main point of interaction with the user.
I regret I only spent about 5 minutes here - but then, I can drive to Davie to see Mike and Oz anytime ...

Originally Posted by immtbiker
I enjoyed the Chinese amp of Mr. PsychoZX's (the Feel) with my new HF-1's.
Amen, brother - very nice combo.

Originally Posted by immtbiker
Guss2's SCD-1 is as classy as classy gets, and was a good combo with the Orpheus and Justin's amp. That component match is what every Head-Fier can really enjoy. If only the Orpheus could have a little more visceral bass. I would have liked to have a HEV-90 amp to compare to Justin's.
Can I give another amen, brother? Gary's HE90's are a keeper - they will only get better, and Justin's amp shows much promise. I gotta be honest, that combo didn't take me to Jupiter like Wayne's HE90's with Gary's SCD1, and my 007t did at the last meet, but I can make no conclusions at all - different time and place, brand new HE90 and proto amp with stock tubes - still best in meet, but R10 as good at that time and place
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I was just wondering if anyone can describe to me in detail the sound of the Modded HF-1, recently have I decided the Headphile K3000 are not for me and Larry (based on my sonic preferences and musical taste) recommended the Modded HF-1's to me. I wrote this thread last night to explain the problems etc.

The RS-1 and Modded HF-1 is what I am either going to get, which does Female Vocals and Guitars better ? and does the HF-1 have those magical strings, woodwind and percussion (bongos and that sound better than drums do on the MS-Pro anyway) ? and are there any differences in the highs ? and is the soundstage/headstage and seperation as good with the HF-1 as it is with the RS-1 ?
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Originally Posted by jp11801
How hot (temp.) was this setup?
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Octopus Dynahi versus Lan's Spider Cmoy at the National Meet!
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