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alright u guys here r the rest of the pics...

there they are
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I love the pics, I think they show all the people in a nice light (mood) of a meet.

Hey Ray I will trade you something you may want for one bottle of the headfi beer...I want a bottle for my headphone section to.

Erin (I am a biker) your like a meet king! I like that, shows a great dedication to the hobby.

Looks like you all had fun, anyone do a comparo between the stock hf's and the modded?

are the 701's anything like the 501's? I dont like the 501's much so..
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Originally Posted by bhd812
Looks like you all had fun, anyone do a comparo between the stock hf's and the modded?
Billy, did you read the thread. I posted some impressions. The modded HF-1's kick a** on the stock.
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Man, that looked like a great meet...Beer-Fi, et al! I can't believe I missed making this by a day, being in Orlando.

Did anyone try the SA5K/Hornet combo? Also, this is very cool that Aaron and Bill seem to be traveling around to quite a few meets...it is time to start making some videos that you can show at the Nat'l Meet
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another great meet!!!

hats off to nightwoundstime who organized a great meet at a very nice hotel & he gave everyone a set of 9 mfsl beatles lp’s he copied to cd’s from a cd master someone made for him from the original lp’s & they sound great!!! thanks to his p’s for providing lunch & thanks to the broward twins for providing the headfi brew.

nightwoundstime & agile_one showed some of us a bit of old tampa’s finer oddities. charlie musselwhite & blind boys of alabama show at the old tampa theater was a winner.

i was impressed with headphone cables at this meet. i especially liked the headphile cables on the hf-1 compared to the stock cable & i liked the headphile cable on the k340. i heard the 701 & pretty much like it & think it could probably stand a cable change & a headphile cable might be a good choice.

i was also very impressed with the rnb cable on the senn 650 & preferred it to the zu mobius on the 650. i was listening to these cables with a headamp amp & eastsound cd-e5. the e5 & headamp amp sounded really nice together. it was too bad i did not have a moon silver dragon to compare with the rnb.

there was nothing quiet about the quiet room but it was nice to wander between 2 rooms.

it took a few florida meets to fully realize what a twisted bunch they are down there. there was not a soul among them that did not make me or gsferrari look normal. no wonder ray, wmcmanus & immtbiker are so at home among that crowd. i may have to borrow someone’s parents to chaperone if i am invited back.
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Awesome impressions, it looked like a killer meet! BTW, who won the HF-1 auction? I bet those are going to headphile for mods after reading this thread! The beer looked chilly, I look forward to trying one next year!

The Denon TT is gorgeous.
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can anyone tell me where that psychozx amp can be purchased?
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Originally Posted by bhd812
Hey Ray I will trade you something you may want for one bottle of the headfi beer...I want a bottle for my headphone section to.

You notice both bottles are full, and Ray doesn't drink, so you can go have your fill of the head-fi brew (those are 22oz bottles, they're huge).

Some notes on the pictures.

My parents (Doug & Barbara) talking to Stevieo, thanks guys for not being the dirty old men you really are and embarassing me!

Wayne, MikeG, & Me

JP11801 (John), The birthday boy and co-brewmaster.

Tyrion (Mike), Dburna (Dave) and his wife Kathleen, and me with my gut hanging out. Agile_one (Gene) is staying cool in the back.

Guss2's (Gary's) lovely girlfriend Xinya, Gene's back there oblivious as always.

A shot of Gary & Xinya.

Immtbiker (Aaron) telling MikeG he should get an earring and let his hair grow out in the back. MikeG is having none of it.

The brewmasters Mike and John

Flecom (Frank) got caught thinking about stealing those Qualias right off Aaron's head.

Amazing how natural this picture looks considering Joe (PsychoZX, foreground) kept stepping into the shot and had to be slapped around and posed by Ray.

Aaron with Justin standing over him, they're taking turns touching the very high voltage innards of the HE-90 amp, sorta like russian roulette.

The most beautiful turntable in the world!

I mean, look at it. Then look at this thing. Feh.
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here are just some andom thoughts about the meet

1) all meets should involve a field trip of sorts to see live music in a great hall. The hall we went to in Tamp was great and Charlie Musslewhite was really stellar. The Blind Boys had me captivated when the played more secular stuff, I can see why they have a great following some of the best vocals I have ever heard.

2)Analog, Analog, Analog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had two turntable rigs Mike's Rega and Matts Denon for me there is no better way to present PRAT, overall tone and timbre of music. The only drawback is it helps if you really like music recorded prior to 1985 or so.

3) HF-1 Woodies I for one thought it insane to spend $300 for a modded $200 headphone but the mod makes a substantial improvement. Mike and I did alot of back and forth between the two and I think we are both going for the mod. Besides the can looks cool as hell after you are done.

4)R10s and two of them!!!! Wow for me this is the sound in a headphone to beat. I'll never be able to throw down the cash for them unless I come upon a pair that is beat to hell. They did it all right and man the bass just slams and the top end shines.

5) every meet should have a substantial amount of high voltage wires exposed. Frank the mad scientist had his diy dyahi wired up w/o a case and up and running held together with duct tape and chicken wire. IT sounded great. He wins the award for the coolest looking rig of the event. I think Ray had a photo of it.

I'll have more photos up tonight.

Many thanks to Matt for being a great host and for running a stellar event. Ray thank you for putting Mike and my beer next to your home rig.

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found my flash card, i had put it in my parts box for whatever reason

anyhow, it was a great meet... thanks to everyone who was involved in putting it together...

i managed to get my K701's on tuesday so i burned them in all week which if i may say so made a huge difference in their sound... they went from sounding pretty terrible and almost making their way back to headroom to sounding really excellent!

also the meet lit the fire under my... bottom... to get my dynamite done, i have had the boards sitting in a box and i finished it literally friday night at like 4am after getting all the parts on tuesday from digikey/mouser/bdent

unfortunately i only had RCA jacks no XLR's so i just setup two boards in a dynahi config... beautiful sounding amp... sounded great with the K701's and the K340's... sounded pretty good with the K1000's but i think the balanced version will do better with the K1k's...

anyway, enough about my little setup, discussion of the real setups... the orpheus (sp?) setup with the amp was absolutely amazing, truly a beautfiul thing... that i cant afford, so i quickly moved on to other things i cant afford like the beautfiul Denon vinyl rig, ive never really been into vinyl, but if i had that setup, i would definately do it! although an LCD on a turntable seems somewhat odd, old meets new i guess? lol

ray was, insane, as always but awesome to talk to, i was blown away by the hornet, its TINY!! the pictures online really just dont express how small this thing is, and it does a great job with everything we threw at it, it even drove the K1000's 'ok' which is very impressive for such a little box...

also a lot of people commented that the K701's could use a cable upgrade and i agree... but i dont have other people do my stuff

by the next meet im hoping to have them wired up with two silver twisted pair/silver shield wires in a balanced config... i want to keep the wires coming out of the left side only so i need to run new cable through the headband and such so it shouldent be terribly difficult... just have to get to it

head-fi beer was awesome as previously stated...

dunno what else

oh and i feel kinda stupid, i didnt take one picutre the entire meet and i brought all my camera equipment, i completely forgot
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Matt...Your captions of the pictures were priceless...you should be an editor that does front page Headlines, you would sell a lot of papers off the stands.

First and foremost I have to say, that the number 1 component that was brought to the meet, was the Cuban sandwiches, they were deliciou-so
Ray kept saying, "I gotta have just one more of these things".

I was having a good time with the Eastsound E-5 through the Dynahi with the Connelly Leatherheads. I still feel the l-3000's sound a little dull and uninspiring for the price (paying a lot for the leather), but the rig had synergy.

It's amazing how that VPI HRX passed me right by, and those Ray Samuel homemade speakers, too (they must have been hiding under Matt's mom's homemade cookies, which also were muy bueno). How did Ray get all that equipment in those 2 little boxes.

Gary (Guss2)(GVS)(Gus)(Guss1)- your soon-to-be wife (come on, admit it, you're dead meat {no pun intended}), was an absolute trooper. I thought she said her name was spelled Xena. She held her own with the guys, is beautiful, and it was a pleasure to hang out with you guys in Ybor City (Sin City), to celebrate her 21st birthday at midnight. Speaking from my own experience, to have a wife who loves my hobby, and is willing to cater to meets and members in her own house, makes up for those menopausal times, that all men will eventually have to go through My wife was driving back and forth from the NYC meet with forgotten items, all the while, she had the brownies in the oven (for the after-meet scotchfest), and doing a load of laundry. Now if only she was rich! They're both keepers.

I enjoyed the Chinese amp of Mr. PsychoZX's (the Feel) with my new HF-1's (I was the lucky winner by the way), and you guys have me tossing and turning about the mod. In one way, it is a classic headphone made by John Grado in collaboration with Todd Junkie, that shouldn't be messed with, like a vintage car that de-values when parts and paint are swapped out. In another way, if the mods make it better sounding, why wouldn't I want to do it? I think I should leave it alone, because I have better sounding, pricier headphones, that offer the fidelity that we crave, and the HF-1's offer me the story that goes behind it, and the sound that is classic Grado.

I'm so torn. There goes that "thrill of the chase" feeling again.

Tyrion's borrwed Cyrus 2 box unit, borrowed from Oz, sounded fantastic (I'm not sure if it had any time on it...and sorry about the spilled coffee and hydrochloric acid accident part ), but the tray drawer seemed cheap to me and took away from it's glory. I feel the same way about my G08. I know it is a CD-Rom drive but Meridian really needed to put some more class in the mechanism...after all, that is the main point of interaction with the user.

Guss2's SCD-1 is as classy as classy gets, and was a good combo with the Orpheus and Justin's amp. That component match is what every Head-Fier can really enjoy. If only the Orpheus could have a little more visceral bass. I would have liked to have a HEV-90 amp to compare to Justin's.

MikeG, your Exemplar modded Denon is also a work of art. I listened to Yikes 3910 modded and Exemplar does some magical work...of course ypu gotta pay for it, though.

Flecom, your cardboard Dynahi work-in-progress reminded me of college, and I know that you are going to be in Ray's and Mikhail's and Justin's good company, one day.

I was so happy to hang out with my world traveler friends again, Ray, Stevieo, Wayne, and to finally meet my good Head-Fi friends, Mike and Gene.
I also feel that I have made some new Head-Fi friends, that I can put a face to the name, when we are arguing the merits and de-merits of the world of audio, and other Member Discussion topics.

Thanks for having me, and sharing your day. Gene thanks for the White Glove Limo service from the airport, and sharing a room.
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Best pic of the meet-

We Salute You!
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How did the woodied HF-1 compare to normal HF-1 and RS-1?
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Originally Posted by Patu
How did the woodied HF-1 compare to normal HF-1 and RS-1?
was a huge difference from the HF-1 to the woodied HF-1... defniately like the woddie better, but i think i will keep my HF-1's virgin... for now...
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Originally Posted by NightWoundsTime
The AKG electrostat/dynamic hybrid (can't remember the number) was clumsy, uncomfortable, and sounded GREAT from a Dynahi.
The K340's can be clumsy at first, but with a few tweaks they can become very comfortable. I'm not sure who owns these, but send me a PM if you want more details. Simply replacing the elastics can make a world of a difference as you get a better seal... the K501 headband improves comfort a fair amount as well.
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