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UM2 + UM56 = OMG!!

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Damned this forum, damn it to hell!!!

Well for making me spend money anyways

My UM56 custom molds for my UM2s arrived today and all I can say is OMFG!! I thought they were fantastic before...but now, well I haven't taken them out yet.

I'm just listening through an iPod nano at the moment, with the foam tips I had to have the EQ on treble booster but it's totally unnecessary with the UM56s, I now have a flat EQ and it's still totally awesome. Bass is solid and deep, treble very crisp and not too forward.

I can see I'm going to have to listen to everything again

Buy these, buy them now!!

Oh yeah forgot to add, the soundstage seems to have opened out a lot more too.
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So can you get the moulds done in the UK then?
How does it work and how much does it cost?

Thanks !
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Yep It's a bit pricey if you go the official way.

I got in touch with pjbox@mistral.co.uk (UAS Enterprises) through Variphone.com through Westone. Had to get molds of my ears taken to send to them though. I got my earmolds done by a guy in Sheffield who does them for bikers etc.

Some might be willing to attempt to make the plugs for you which would be cheaper.
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I wonder it its possible to make customs yourself?
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There was a home impression kit floating around a few months ago, IIRC. I'm sure a google search would confirm it.
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Yes,the UM56's work very well! I picked up mine last Wednesday and have tried them on both my E5's and E4's. I ordered two sets (in case I lose one,or a left or right) and am very pleased with the improvement in the seal and fit,not to mention the sound....
I would strongly suggest anyone considering this option to follow Westone's guidelines and use a Westone approved audiologist.
I doubt a "home fitkit" comes with an audiologist,and trust me,you want a pro checking your ears first,then planting a plug with a tether attached deeply into your inner ear; deep as in to the second bend in your ear canal,then injecting some catalyzed two part silicon goop...If you've ever wondered what damn near absolute silence (or perhaps what being deaf is like) "sounds" like,having your impressions properly done will provide that experience for you.
And if the first set of UM56's don't provide the proper fit,Westone will do them again at no charge. See if your "local" discount impression person can match that...A home "fit-kit"? Please,just say no and save your money.
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Congrats probedb, glad you are happy with them.

Here is a link to one of our sponsers that offers a home kit for custom earmolds. I agree with dominode, though..if you're going to go to this length, I wouldn't want to take the chance of screwing it up, I would want an audiologist doing it for me.

Dominode, do you have any pics of the e4 with the um56 on them? I've been considering this for a while, but I'm very interested in what they look like. They have a better fit that you think is worth the money? How has the sound changed with the e4?
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Hello Jmmmmm,
I'll take some pictures in the next day or two so that you can see how the combo looks. Please note that I specified my UM56's for use with E5's,not the E4's,so the UM56-E4 setup "sits" differently compared with E4/universal tip-of-choice.

Very briefly (It's a UM2/UM56 thread after all), a very postive improvement in sound through both the 4's and 5's with the 56's,technically described as "-Wow!" for the 5's,and "Ohh...Wow,wow! for the E4's. The clarity and detail of the 4's,particularly at the treble end, is now complemented by much improved (and to my ear at least) more balanced,and more prominent bass at the other end. Note too that my ears have spent more time with the 5's than the 4's,so my perception or perspective is colored by that conditioning.

If you have E4's,I think the $100 or so you'll pay (Westone's "suggested" price for UM56's made for E1's or E5's -quite likely they'd do a casting for E4's as well -ask Doug c/o music@westone.com ) is a bargain compared to spending far more for some UM2's or E5's,or whatever dual-driver IEM that makes you happy...
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I too value the feedback about the E4 with custom molds. I am thinking that they might just be the best niche product for IEM's, in terms of being both affordable, and providing the most bang for the buck, in terms of sound quality. Being able to switch the UM56 between IEM's has got to be a nice resource. That would be sweet.

After getting the UM2's, I now realize I might end up getting UE5c's eventually. Just the thought of that makes my wallet tremble in fear. While somewhat disappointed with the UM2's SQ in comparison with the E4, I now have a taste for superior soundstage, bass, and instrument separation afforded by dual drivers. I am now aware of both worlds, and am thinking it has implanted it's seeds of evil into my ears such that I am going to be aware of the flaws of the both regardless of which one I choose to keep.

However, I think that the E4 with customs might be the best bang for the buck option. Especially if it opens up the soundstage a bit (not much, I'd expect) and helps with the bottom end.
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I decided to revive a dead thread rather than start a new one with an identical theme. It took some time and trouble to get everything just right, but I have to say the UM2/UM56 combo is just plain wonderful. The sound is so uncolored it's dificult to describe. It's my nomination for the poor man's custom. My first 56's were just huge, uncomfortable, hard to insert and lacking in highs, a second pair made from the from the original impressions but about half the size are easy to insert, extremely comfortable, and sound just perfect. I even tried them on my UM1s ($100 eartips for $109 dollar IEMS sounds silly, doesn't it?) and the difference was amazing, especially in the lower regions. If you prefer Comply's, getting UM56s is actually cheaper in the long run, and improvement in sound/comfort is just gravy. Plus I got them in translucent cobalt blue, which is incredibly more attractive than used Complys .
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Ugggg.... Still dont like how far those customs go into your ears - my tips on my UM2 are half that lenth!
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Originally Posted by audiomagnate View Post
Blue Dragon
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Why does it have a clear martini stick coming out of it?
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Yeah, those seem to go in pretty deep. I guess you get used to them after a while.
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Originally Posted by JLai View Post
Why does it have a clear martini stick coming out of it?
To pull em out.
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