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Bought his Audio-Technica AD2000s from him. Extremely quick shipper (shipped on Saturday Dec 16, received on Monday Dec 18). Well packaged up. Phones are in as described condition. Would GLADLY do business with again .

Was patient while my paycheck clearing & paypal became verified.
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M-Audio Transit

I just recieved my transit today. It arrived very quickly (especially considering the time of year, and that I'm across the border), and it was exactly as described. He is an awesome guy and a great asset to the head-fi community. Thanks again Fitz!
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I purchased his Darkvoice THA-336FM and couldn't be happier with it. The transaction went perfectly and was packed very well. Thanks again Ryan!
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Fitz is working on a special project for me, he's extensively modding 2 Darkvoice 336i's into monoblock R & L balanced amps, and making me several new cables, as well as braiding and re sleeving my existing K340 BlackMax cables (essentially more work than a regular re cable). At first the project came up as kind of a joke by IronDreamer in a thread, and Fitz replied jokingly that he could do it. When I PM'd him about the possibility of actually doing it, we both came away very interested in the project. So once we decided to do it Fitz started ordering parts (lots of parts) without even asking for payment first. The project is still underway, but I wanted to post now, because Fitz keeps me posted every step of the way, and with pics too. I'll finish my little shrine to Fitz here when the project is totally done, but I wanted everyone to know what an incredible Head-Fier and all around guy Fitz is! If you get the chance to do business with Fitz or are lucky enough to get him on board of a project for you, take that opportunity!!!! You will be so glad you did!

Thanks a million Ryan!
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Bought a pair of speaker stands from Fitz and am really pleased with the transaction. Communication with Ryan was flawless and he packaged them well and shipped quick. Looking forward to dealing with him again.
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One more transaction on my list of growing transactions with Fitz. I bought an Onix Rocket UFW-10 subwoofer from Fitz. It arrived packaged like new, and in excellent shape. Fitz is a fantastic guy to deal with. He's as honest and cordial as the day is long.
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I sold my beyer DT831 and a 120 ohm adaptor to Ryan. Everything was smooth from beginning to end! Great communication and very fast payment. Thanks again...
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Fitz sent me a pair of elastics for my AKG's free of charge. Thanks Ryan.
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I bought a pair of AT ATH-5's from Fitz. The entire transaction went very smoothly and the headphones arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thanks!
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Well, I'm not sure that I can added anything to what's already been posted to make you feel any more confident about doing business with Fitz, but I'll try.

Fitz was generous enough to give me a set of Beyerdynamic DT-801's. He even shipped them to me in Canada at no cost! The headphones arrived safely and extremely well packaged.

I'd be happy to repeat this kind of transaction with Fitz anytime!!
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I bought Fitz's HD570s. Item was as described and shipping was FAST. Communication was also instant. Definitely recommended.
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Fitz made me a custom RCA to mini interconnect. He did a fantastic job with it and shipped the day after it was completed. It was a pleasure to do business with him. Highly recommended!
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sold some left over parts. everything in lightening fast fashion!
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I received my dual Darkvoice monoblocks that Fitz modded for me today, as well as several cables I ordered. He sent me lots of extra goodies too! I can't begin to tell you what a beautiful job he's done, and how lovely they sound, both amps and cables! I'm in seventh heaven! Fitz for president!
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I ordered a 1/8" mini to mini from Fitz. He ended up sending me two for the price of one. Very fast, great looking, nicely priced, and well packed. Thanks Fitz.
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