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Ridiculously Easy

I sold Fitz my squeezebox and it was a ridiculously easy transaction. No fuss and no muss from this headfier.
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Fitz bought my Beyer DT801's. Perfect transaction. He's definitely one of the good guys!
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Me and Fitz live realitivly close so we have hung out a few times.
One time I walked away with some K501s and the next time a verry well made X-feed and some SPC ICs.
In return I refinished soem wood and made him a stand.
Deff a great guy, would not hesitate to buy somehting from him, DIY or comercial.
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Fitz Purchased my ATH-AD2000 can. The communication with each other has been both fun and informative. I would nerver hesitate doing any future transactions with Fitz. He is a great head-firer for sure! Thanks Fitz!
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Bought some cool tubes from fitz. Great guy to deal with and one AWESOME headfier YEAH!
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bought 2 tubes from him! great guy!
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I bought a Tung-Sol 6SN7GT round plates from Fitz. He's truely one of my favorite Head-Fiers, as he offered a very special price to Darkvoice owners.
He packed it well and shipped just as he said he would. A very pleasant transaction. There's something about those Georgia Head-Fiers, they're just so nice to deal with.
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Bought 4 tubes from Fitz for my Darkvoice with great prices! Thanks, Fitz. He's very helpful answering questions even not related to the transaction. Highly recommended.
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Bought 3 tubes and damper from Fitz with very very special price. I couldn't be happier. He packed the items very nice and shipped fast to me. Thanks Fitz.
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I also bought a tube for the darkvoice.
Excelent tube, nicely packed. Thank you Fitz!
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Fitz shipped me some tubes during his Darkvoice blowout to help with my entry into the world of tube amps. Having charged me so little, he still shipped with the speed, care and communication of someone who had just made a large sale. He was also extremely pleasant and good for some advice as well!

People like Fitz make head-fi (and the world) a better place!
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I bought a pair of beautiful interconnects from Fitz. Delivery was very quick and he was very nice in PMs. Thanks a lot!
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Excellent Seller!

Bought a Captain Tylor box set (anime DVDs for those not in the know) and a Ghost in the Shell Tshirt from Fitz. Items arrived promptly at my door in promised condition. Communication was flawless. A++ Seller!
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Akira DVD

I bought the special edition Akira DVD from him. Excellent seller, arrived in a timely fashion and was in better shape then described. I would definitely do business with him again.
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bought Zhaolu D2C from Fitz. packed well and shipped fast! The DAC itself is in very mint condition. very satisfied, thank you!
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