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Bought another (gotta be a half dozen by now) AKG phone from Ryan. He held them for a few days while I got my cash together and shipped promptly after payment. Thanks man!
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Bought one more AKG from Fitz. They are truly wonderful
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I sold Fitz a pair of new K-400 earpads.
Everything went smooth, payment was prompt.
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From Fitz I bought a bunch of headphones in various states of dis-repair, and a bunch of SFI ortho drivers.

The whole deal was nice and smooth, communication was great, would buy again.
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Fitz kindly recabled and refurbished my AKG K240 Sextetts. He did a fantastic job and I highly recommend his services.

Thanks Fitz!
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Fitz upgraded and modded my Bada PH-12 head amplifier. He did a wonderful job, with painstaking attention to detail, trouble shooting unforeseen difficulties along the way, lending his expertise/artistic touch to various design and placement solutions: just an exemplary, professional job from start to finish. I couldn't be happier with the "Fitz-Maxxed Bada PH-12 ULTRA"! THANKS, FITZ!! : )
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I purchased a mint set of re-cabled AKG K-1000 off Fitz. Communication is top-notch and package delivered from the US to Australia within less than a week! The re-cable jobs are professionally done as well.

A very smooth transaction and a class act from Ryan. Thanks!
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Fitz recabled my AKG K400 EP, he did a fantastic job he pays attention to details, the cable is flexible and all the sleeving are nice and I like the red sleeving on the right earcup. Sonically the headphones are truly amazing now as compared to stock cable.


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Fitz modified my AKG K340's for balanced operation and also replaced the stock cable with an XLR 4-pin terminated custom cable.   All communications were promptly answered, pricing very fair, and workmanship superb!   I would not hesitate to recommend Fitz for any such custom work!  



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