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fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g
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Well, according to:

Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO M3438G - Gaming Notebook - TrustedReviews

You have an spdif/optical line out. You probably have to disable the headphone out, and make it operate as an optical out.

A good DAC which I'm about to audition is a Keces DAC. It has an optical jack for you to use, otherwise, you can get a USB DAC, like by purchasing and Alien DAC which can be found here. or you can also use the Keces unit as a USB dac. If you want high end, you can go Lavry or Benchmark.

For the ease of convenience I would go USB DAC simply because you can use it on any computer and use it in the future if/when you decide to upgrade PCs.
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Bringing an old thread back to life...

My brother has the head box mk2 and was asking me to make some upgrades to it if it is worth the effort.

Found a few pics of the inside on google, first thing that caught my attention was the 7815 Vreg. That can be swapped for something alot better.


Has anyone got more pics of the PCB or even the schematic for this headamp?


The links earlier in this thread does not seem to work.

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