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Discmans vs regular cd players?

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How do you compare a good discman or portable cd player with a good regular cd player in terms of sound quality to be amplified with a Headphone amp.... I know there are many points to be taken care of, Audio out put, DAC........
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The home CD player will almost always win out in terms of quality. As you've mentioned, there are the issues of analogue output stage and the internal DAC. There are also the concerns of the digital output stage (having a coaxial output and a TOSlink optical output), jitter, more-secure transport mechanism, and others which I have probably forgotten.

In any case, you'll find that a decent home CD player should surely beat the best-sounding portable CD player. True, the best portables will generally cost no more than $150, but even the Denon DCM-370 should beat the Panasonic SL-CT570.
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I think the main concern is transport stability and power supply

say you are using the digital out to an external DAC

would there be a difference between the two ?

I think yes

but add a beefed up external supply and add some mass and isolation to the portable and you can improve it

ideal solution /

not likely but still a solution for those whose system is mainly portable/headphone based

add in some good cables and not too shabby a system-though not world class

try this just for laughs

put the portable CDP on a piece of marble/slate,or foooted steel plates and a small ziplock bag full of sand on top (just enough to add mass)

then throw a wall wart at it of the correct voltage but at 750 ma or so

listen to a song you know

hear a difference ?
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Well, to put some things in perspective, the typical CD player outputs 2V out of the analog outs.

I had a Denon portable CDP which ate 4 AA's in 4 hours and it only outputted 0.8V from the line-out...and that portable CDP sounded quite a bit better than a great deal of portable CDP's.

In anycase, when you go to a home player, the amp just has a lot more to work with IMO...
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I don't claim to know a lot about CD players, but one thing that I listen for is the size of the soundstage that each player presents. Portables have a smaller soundstage or stereo image. Other things that I look for clarity and fullness of sound, with good balance. Depending on the player, you'll get a different presentation, so sometimes you might prefer the sound of a portable if it gives the presentation that you like. I'd agree that for the most part you'll get better sound from a nonportable unit, but I have a sony one that sounds like crap (common bloated, muddy bass and no highs) that is inferior to any of mys portables.

I would sure hope that the DCM-370 beats the SL-CT570, because from what I've read lately, the Panasonics aren't really as good as they are claimed to be when compared to portables a year or two older. Lately I've wanted a ne portable, but the two older ones that I've got sound pretty good so I'm reluctant to get a 570.
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Agreed , but the point I was making is-leaving the electronics out of the equation -going strictly external DAC , you still would not have equals

Hell , my 50+1 home CD player was so flimsy I had to damp the entire inside chassis and cover , plus replace the feet and weight the top

don;t forget that the rpms of a spinning disc can cause vibration,this IS a mechanical ,not digital device

on the go or in the car it means nothing , ambient noise alone will cover any deficiences
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