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Model Two / Model 88 dilemma *eek*

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Well, new apartment deserves new equipment, so I've been looking for a table radio, for radio and everything else I need speakers for.

Tivoli's Model Two is virtually perfect for me, and it looks like I'll finally be able to pull in certain weak radio stations with it. Also, I've finally convinced myself that I probably can keep my channel-surfing tendencies in check, so I can live with an analog tuner :P

But there's one thing: I could really use some kind of timer that would turn the radio on and off. Sleep, alarm, whatever you call it.

I had a Model 88 a loooong time ago (sent it back - sounds great, but refurbished unit wouldn't tune), but don't remember what its timer features are like. I'd appreciate if one of you guys could elaborate on those features for me

Or should I get a wall outlet timer, and use that with the Model Two? Is using those timers an act you'd recommend, or avoid? Thanks in advance.
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I used a small programmable timer to turn on a shortwave receivier as my alarm clock for a long time, and had no problem. The down side was turning it on if I wanted to use it at other times. The timer was hard to get to. I had two schedules in it= one that I went to sleep to and one that I woke up to. Worked just fine.
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I would go for the Model Two - I absolutely LOVE my Model One, and I think another speaker would just make it downright incredible!!
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Wow. Someone with the exact same dilemma: a timer + tivoli.
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LOL, thanks guys. I think I'll go for the Model Two, and look for the kind of timer that plugs into the wall outlets. Looooots of shopping this month

Was Model One in that Alicia Keys music video (fallin') ?
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If you do a search for "Model Two" here, you'll find lots of accolates from me. The Model Two sounds significantly better, and has a better tuner, than the Model 88. It looks a lot better, too
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So I've noticed, MacDEF... *giggle*

I've also got an iBook/iPod purchase coming up - probably end of the month, I'm waiting for Apple to bundle X.2 with the iBook

edit - and I paid for .mac! Corporate America, tsk tsk
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