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ai.....ya, i purpousely "misread" what you typed. You went on and on about YOUR views, and how you feel capitalism is a dirty trap in its complete form, and how Chu was doing the RIGHT thing.......well....COME ON PPL!

I didn't mean to go right at you, ai0tron - my bad. You just happen to get entangled in arguments in a way that makes you easiest to talk to.....accessibly pig-headed, if you will. No offense

However....everyone is taking this MUCH to seriously. This is a headphone FORUM!!! If a business wishes to sponsor the a way that WON'T affect the forums much...IF the ppl running the show (jude/cmoy) don't mind.....SO BE IT!

IMHO....this whole thread is ridiculous. Whether capitalism is evil or not is NOT something we should be discussing on a headphone forum. Or is it?

I always thought that the whole idea of head-fi and headwize were to bring people bring them together so they could share their love of hi-end headphones while helping others as well.

That's what I always thought.

But it seems lately, more time has been spent on creating DIVISIONs within this much-too-small-as-such group...

I dunno..........ai0tron, once again, I apoligize. I re-read my post; should've rephrased it, I think. Sorry.