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First, I want to thank the people who replied to my original thread on Headwize, the links and information has been very helpful. Anyways, I should be getting my parts soon (10 microphone elements for various setups, modifications and replacements as well as parts for a battery box with adjustable bass rolloff) and I was wondering what would be a good way to pair up the microphones sensitivity wise? I was thinking listening to a pair with them close together near a common sound source, but then I would likely hear the original source as well as what the microphone was picking up which would be a problem. My second thought was a similar setup, but instead I'd measure the output from the amp or MD recorder I have the microphones setup hooked up to with a voltmeter. Also, is the manufacturing tolerances close enough so that there is no real frequency deviation between each element? Again, thanks for your help and it's good to have a forum again =)