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Chaintech AV-710 & Linux w/ALSA...alsamixer/asound.state howto?

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Can anyone help me understand the different controls listed for the av710 in the asound.state linked in this thread (points to vandemar or something).

At the moment I'm only using it for the 2-channel high-sample rate mode using the Wolfson DAC....but how can I verify that that's what mode I'm actually in?

The PCM volume control seems to be the one that modifies the volume, however at volumes above about 70 it distorts badly.
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If you can hear the music through the rear surround output - that's the one at the bottom right above the digital out jack - then you're in high quality mode. Congratulations. There ain't no way music gets to that jack without going through the wolfson DAC, since that's what's behind it.

Note that with the Linux driver set up correctly, you will get sound out of _both_ the rear surround jack _and_ the normal line/headphone-out jack (the green one). I believe under Windows you _only_ get sound out of the rear surround jack when you enable high quality mode. So it is possible you could have everything set up right and still be listening to the low quality audio, if you plugged your headphones / amp / whatever into the green line/head-out jack. Make sure you plug it into the rear surround jack and if you hear music, you're OK.
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Oh, and the asound.state we all use sets the volume on all mixers to 48. I find this plenty loud enough, so I leave it there, I assume the original author of the asound.state found it the best setting.
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I know which one to plug it into....

I mean, in Windows, you just click the "Hi-sample rate" button & boom, you're there. In Linux, it's more of a mystery. I was more asking about what volume control equals what. And then the settings that aren't volume controls...for example Hw 0/1 = what is that??? Is asound.state PCM control equal to the Back_Stereo_Speaker control in AudioDeck (Windows). Things of that nature.
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Sorry but can I add a question or do I start a new thread? Anyone know how to get optical out when flashed to prodigy to work on Linux?
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A new thread would be best.

Yeah, ALSA mixer controls are a bit confusing. Personally I'd suggest you load that asound.state - put it in /etc and run 'alsactl restore', and then be happy with it . If you need to adjust volume, change the PCM slider. But I just use the volume control on my amp instead. The only other thing you may need to change is the multi track controls. The only mixer that gets these right is the text-mode alsamixer; other mixers represent them wrong. I suggest you 'mute' Multi Track Rate Locking. If you leave this unmuted, apps can't change the sample rate to match the file you're playing - it'll just be locked at whatever setting is chosen, which I think is 48Khz with that asound.state. So audio CDs will be wrong. If you mute it, the app can set the sample rate appropriately for whatever's being played. If you leave it muted, you have to set the 'Multi Track Internal Clock' setting, which is the actual sample rate. You can change it with the up and down arrows. Set it to the sample rate of whatever you actually want to listen to, so 44.1Khz for audio CDs, for e.g.
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My working asound.state for the Chaintech AV-710's Wolfson DAC, using ALSA 1.0.20:
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