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Graveworm is a great band. Just buy some other album than their newest "I Machine" or whatever it is called.. I don't even remember anymore

Engraved in Black, Scourge of Malice and As Angels Reach the Beauty are all solid albums, if you don't examine the lyrics too closely. I don't care, but some do. Especially varying melodies and keyboards make Graveworm stand out from generic "RAAGGHH *TAKTAKTAKTAK* SEITAAAAAN *TRKRKRKRK*" crowd.
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There are only a very few people at Head-Fi who discuss dark metal, but we have been doing so since the very beginning of Head-Fi forum at Darkest Desries thread now part V. Here is a list I update periodically with my favorite dark metal selctions, I own all these and many many more so if you have question ask here or darkest desires thread for more info:

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Is there really a difference between black/death/doom etc.? Or are these just a bunch of different names for the same music?
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yeah there are. black metal usually has higher pitch vocals, "rawer/fuzzier" sound (at least the old BM bands), usually more melodic, sometimes satanic/anti-christian lyrical content, and there is a distinctive black metal drum beat, i'm not sure what the term is, but listen to any song on de mysteriis dom sathanas.

death metal has deeper growls, sometimes more technical playing, soloing, gore/death lyrics, more double-bass drumming, lots of tremolo picking.

doom is very slow paced, even deeper growls(if it has growls at all), themes of sadness/loss/despair.

they are all pretty distinctive. if you want a taster, just get mayhem's "de mysteriis dom sathanas" for black metal, bloodbath's "resurrection through carnage" for death metal, and shape of despair's "angels of distress" for doom. these are some of my personal favorites, of course, and people will recommend different things, but these 3 cds should give you a good feel for the 3 genres.

obviously this is very generalized. there is more to each genre than what i have said here, bands that blend genres, and even more subdivisions (melodic death, prog death/black, old-school doom (black sabbath, candlemass) etc. etc.)
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Rammstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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From the recommendations of steel102 I would like to draw attention to the doom metal example, Shape of Despair - Angels of Distress. For someone not familar at all with dark metal, it could be a very unique listening experience...
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i think rammstein are more "industrial metal" and pretty much don't sound anything like the other bands mentioned in this thread. plsu i hear they have gone a bit more pop-y lately.
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Dark Angel, awesome list! I think that will help me expand my library into this genre some more. I only have Opeth's Blackwater Park and Still Life, and I think My Arms, Your Hearse, and Dimmu Borgir's Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is next on my list. I am really into the opera/symphonic metal sound like Opeth has, does Tristania have that type of quality? What others from your list would you suggest if I'm liking the symphonic and growling type of metal? Sorry, I'm a bigtime dark metal noob, so bear with me .
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Chastisement is fun to listen to, and you can download their CDs from their site for free, so hey, why not http://www.chastisement.com/

and check out this necrophagist video: http://d41.yousendit.com/F/2IPVK9HZA...mented_mdd.mpg
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Originally Posted by Skipinder View Post

Why hasn't
Necrophagist, and
Children of Bodom
been mentioned yet???
Some of the best death metal out there, I mean Obituary is one of the originals.

Oh and same for Venom, they did technically make the first black metal song (Venom - Black Metal)

Children of Bodom is definitely more thrash than death.


and guys, what about Burzum?

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