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Are my ears totally screwed through excessive volume on my headphone listening or something?

Yes, I've heard the odd fizz and pop when the kettle or the shower have been operated, but I've NEVER heard humming noises through my headphones?!?

Am I just like Mr Lucky (Hmm... wonder what shape Mr Man he would be ) or... are my ears shot?!
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I've never heard any hum when random appliances turn on, either.
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For me it's not hum when my sump pump turns on, it's a short series of pops -- a sorta loud one followed by a couple of smaller ones not as deep in tone. My fridge isn't quite as much....just a couple of smaller pops. And my air conditioning system is somewhere between the two. But I can't stand knowing that there's something audible getting into my rig. The Brick Wall stopped all of that cold even after I removed the ferrite cores.
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Originally posted by joelongwood

Do you really need the fridge?

I dont but I think my parents DO!!

Another person on another forum recently asked did I need my bed in there so I could fit a bigger badder "better" rack in there!!

No wonder non-hifi folk shake there heads at us
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