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Originally Posted by tru blu View Post



…used to be skeptical about Francis Bebey's music 'til I heard this new compilation…it was kinda "electro" back when nobody used that term…

Nice set.

aww I've missed ye Tru!


not sure if this one has been mentioned yet but its a fave of mine,


E8931 Odisea negra La Chimera.jpg

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Originally Posted by rroseperry View Post

I've been listening to this CD a lot for the last month

Caught Poly-Rythmo in Central Park on Sunday!! The show was off the chain, as they say…(whoever they are)…



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a little bump to this thread :)


I've gone through the whole topic - amazing collection of recommended music - this will keep me busy for couple of months :D



though these two albums never showd up:




really great collection of Sufi music.


- Hommage A Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

- Sufi Soul: Echos Du Paradis


I've seen these Albums at Amazon and couple of other websites. Both are double CDs.




And something interesting from Hungary. It's world fusion. So it is legit in this topic :)


as the name of this song sais it is ethno funk.

No lead vocals but lead-woodwinds. 


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sorry, one more


this genius also deserves his place here :)


Felix Lajko - a Hungarian violin virtuoso


this is not the best quality video but you can get a glimpse into his work - really goosbumpy music - he is the type of musician who plays in musical extasy :)



this is his website:


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Not sure if it was mentioned before, I didn't checked. But anyway, I want praise the Yanni for this album Truth Of Touch, which he released in 2011. I liked it so much: nice and memorable tone with soft Greek spice... Be sure to check it out.



Album Cover (Click to show)

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Loreena Mckennitt is amazing.


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One more. Such epic beauty.


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