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project size

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I just noticed a very strange thing looking at some of my DIY "toys"

I tend to build my portable stuff BIG , as in 5X5X1 average

and my home based stuff small , as in 10X8X2 average

in fack the largest dimension of any of my DIY home gear is 12" and that is a power amp in full class A

What does this mean


I just think it a bit weird is all

then again , if I do all the portable stuff at 6" and all the home stuff at 12" I may end up with a kind of symmetry !

nah,the styling is all different,bone and black portable

black and aluminum home

but I could always.............


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This is what he does with a day off, kids.

Watch out.
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Since the weather is getting colder, it will only get worse. Keep up the good work, Rick.
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Just got back from the amusement park kiddies,needed a break from my break (huh ?)

and yeah , having a few days off while much needed therapy has also put me back into the Zone if that fits,twilight zone .......hmmmm....could be rabbit,could be

but actually BUILDING SOMETHING has gotten the creative juices and the racing mind going again

be afraid ,be VERY AFRAID

and BTW : Apheared has actually met me , he know of what he speaks

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and besides guys ,when I looked at my own profile I got

"average posts per day " 1.1

ONE POINT FRKN ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



some kinda mistake I thought


just slacking

kinda , 12 hour days and long commutes means any free time the family gets me first

But this could not last boys and girls

back in the HeadWize era I was second in posts only to Neruda if Chu Moy is not counted , and we all know poor neruda lives HERE , in the forums

so as tooler said ,the days are gettin' shorter

put the wimmin and children in another area of the house

this could get scary

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Apheared has actually met me , he know of what he speaks
well, if another DIYselver can scare apheared, then...
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man rick, you are slacking then! 'cause I've got over 600 posts here, and you have a piddling 131! wahaha!
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if another DIYselver can scare apheared, then...
Dude... we're all probably lucky he's married... and has kids to raise... if all his time was his time I'm apheared of what he'd be having me build.
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