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Head-Fi Wallpaper

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I recently started learning Illustrator CS2. Just for kicks, I thought I take a stab at creating a Head-Fi wallpaper. It's not what I would consider a great job, but the results were encouraging atleast. Hope someone out there likes it.

Edit: Turns out I had to redo the whole dead-gum thing, so I tweaked and dabbled and the results actually look a tad different. Hope you like the changes.

1024 x 768 Screen Size

1280 x 1024 Screen Size

1600 x 1200 Screen Size

1680 x 1050 Screen Size (wide)

1900 x 1200 Screen Size (wide)

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Nice job...but you're gonna regret it....

Thousands will now request different 'phones
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Originally Posted by LFC_SL
Thousands will now request different 'phones
why it makes sense to put the HF-1's on the Head-Fi wallpaper.

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can you make one with a set of HD650's


nice job
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widescreen? 1680x1050
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what? no 1600x1200 or above? Discrimination against large moniters! Fie on you!
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Very nice! Thanks.
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Nice Job! Would you post them in the Wallpaper thread. too, please?

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Yeah, can you do another with any one of AKG's cans?
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Nice, good idea with the hf-1's!
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Aaaaaah lense flares!!
besides that: nice
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Very cool!
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Thanks folks. I'll pop it in the wallpaper thread. (didn't know we had one). I'll do a 1680x1050 and a 1600x1200 tonight. (easy, the original layered image is huge)

Lens flare was added as an effect, arielext. (Coulda over did it I geuss)

More interest than I expected. You people really made me feel better about tackling this huge program. Again, thanks.
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how about a 1920x1200 as well?

looking good
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Hey we should put this on a banner for the National Head-fi Meet!
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