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Sorry. I deleted the questionable part of my recent post here in this thread.

And you're right, I can never afford any expensive home component equipment. Never. Especially since most of those components cost more than my entire year's salary.

If you think that's the case, then maybe it's time to end the madness - and for me to get out of the "good cans" business, and go back to cheap wretched stock headphones!

I'm sorry that I've vented my anger out into the forums.
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Does this mean that just because Eagle_Driver can't afford a $20k CD player that he's not entitled to an opinion about whether or not he likes a particular set of headphones? If that's the case, we may as well just fold the entire head-fi forum.

I don't see anything particularly wrong with Eagle's post. He let a sales guy/dj listen to two sets of phones. He preferred one of those sets. Take it for what it is. Does it make the DJ's opinion any more valid than anyone else's? No. Does the fact that he's a DJ or a sales person negate his preferences? I don't think so.

I don't see any reason to have badgered Eagle_Driver for his post. Let's not act as though one's poop doesn't stink.
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I agree; the fact that I prefer a particular pair of headphones over another (and on relatively cheap equipment ) is just *my* opinion, and the fact that the salesperson agrees more or less with me is just his opinion. And both of those opinions may or may not be the same as everyone else's.
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And I'm sorry, Kelly, that I've acted as if I were the so-called "headphone god" to you (or anybody else). Only the reputable headphone retailers such as our sponsors Headroom and Meier Audio can rightfully (and legitimately) claim to be the so-called "grand authority" on headphones; not even those non-industry-related consumers who just happen to own the best headphones and the most expensive equipment can even do that.
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You don't see it because Eagle Driver edited his post to remove it after the fact.

You two are a nice pair.
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As for my recent flaming and defending "new toys" with overzealousness, blame that on the medication that I've taken this past Saturday night. Those allergy pills really clouded my judgment.

Nonetheless, I will enjoy my new HD600's as they are, with my relatively cheapo amp and a PCDP. But some upgrading (cables and/or amp) will probably come in a few months - maybe before this coming Xmas.
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Eagle Driver: Whatever your transgressions might have been (didn't see them before surgical removal), at least you had the grace to apologize. Many people here never admit they're wrong. Thanks for that.

Kelly: I agree that a moderator who posts vitriol and then closes down the thread is not really a moderator. On other web boards I belong to, such as motu-mac, the moderator might be merciless about banning people temporarily and closing down threads, but s/he doesn't actually post harsh words that help things to spiral downward. I can't understand why some moderators provoke what they're there to curtail. A forum's not necessarily a democracy, but it should be open, fair and civil.

(On the other hand, it must be frustrating to have to be a human surveillance device in a place where others mouth off incessantly.)

And, I, too, have found Brian to be a nice guy with whom to argue. His posts are so polite that I wonder how anyone can have problems with them. So I disagree with certain of his headphone preferences and not with others -- so what? If the debate strikes people as tedious, that shouldn't be a problem. There are always other threads. No one's forcing people to read this one.

And by the way: Thanks for your suggestions early on.
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Thanks for the kind words. Truly I feel the same way about you and read your posts with great interest even though we sometimes disagree.

I've sent my 590's to Sennheiser for a repair and to have them put in a driver in the right side that better matches the left one. They also made another repair that they said was affecting the balance. I hope I like them as much when they get back this week.

I also bought a pair of RS-1's this week and while I liked them I thought those were clearly on the bright side. Much more bright than I remember the 590's being. Does tha make sense to you? I didn't dislike them and other than their overall tonal leanings (bright) I thought they were very nice and I could easilly see someone thinking of they were absolutely wonderful but I think I would prefer the HD600's in the long run even though they are plainly more flawed, in my opinion, than the RS-1's.

Scrypts recommends a tube amp for the RS-1's and I think I would agree completely with him. Something real lush would really show these phones at their best.
What is your opinion?


I'm glad my posts have been "polite" since I really have no ax to grind with anyone and this is mostly an educational process to me. Polite is probably not the most accurate term ever used to describe me but I am proud to hear tha I have not offended anyone here that I liked or respected.

Talk soon.


I don't know what you did but, no matter, your stilll good with me. Take my advice and keep both the 590 and the 600's and you will have everything covered sonically. I know I have argued rigorously in defense of the 590's (and I will continue to do so becasue I truly believe this is the most underrated headphone I've heard so far) but, in truth, both of these headphones are top drawer in different ways and neither should be regarded as anything but.

Talk soon

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Their loss is my gain. I picked up a mint pair of HD590's for seventy-five dollars shipped. I listen exclusively to vinyl on an Oracle Delphi MKV with SME Series IV.Vi tone arm, switching back and forth with a Van den Hul vintage MC10 and a GRADO. The sound from these Sennheiser headphones straight out of the headphone jack is fantastic! I am sure there is better but nowhere near for the money I spent on these second hand. Thank you Head-Fi.org for making these headphones so unpopular. 

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