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ART DIO lock problems with dedicated CDP

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I've just received my new modded ART DIO from dhwilkin. he has been a total blessing and very helpful with all my noob questions. thanks doug.

it turns out that the ART DIO works well with the Pioneer DV344 DVD player but not AT ALL with the Arcam CD72 or the Philips CD230(old) cd players!! the ART can not establish a lock with the CDP!! I just dont understand why! the Arcam should be a solid transport and ive tested the coax out on the Arcam and it works. i dont want to hook the ART DIO with the DVD player as its not my listening setup.

I am currently using a cheap(US$7) branded coax cable, ConCord. double shielded, ofc, 1.5m.

anyone had success or problems using the ART DIO with higher-end cd players?

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The DI/O is cable sensitive. You may need a better digital cable, although not necessarily an expensive one. I've heard of people having good luck with a Rat Shack digital cable. The digital cables I use are no longer made, but are silver and have never given me any lock problems on any of my DI/O's (I've got three). For severe cases, the GW Labs DSP, in addition to jitter reduction and upsampling, serves as a digital signal booster. The boosted digital signal seems to make it even easier for the DI/O to lock onto it. That's getting a bit expensive, though, so I'd start with a good inexpensive interconnect and go from there. The Bolder Cable digital interconnect should work very well with the DI/O, but is not as cheap as some.

There are a couple of modifications that can be made to the digital board to increase lock probability, but I'd start with the cable first.
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I've just received ART too. I've been using it with Radioshack digital cable ($10.99, 3 feet) and so far there's no such a problem. Just to give some input.


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i emailed Taylor, he was the DIYer who originally modded this particular ART DIO. he does mods on the ART DIO at an affordable price(if you are interested, feel free to pm me and i can forward you his email address). He said the reason why the CDP may not lock is due to one of the mod, a cap was removed from the digital path of the ART DIO to clean the singal path. The purpose of the cap is to filter out DC current in the signal but has the side effect of degrading sound. it would seem both my CDP has DC current in its singal path?!

ive contacted my local cardas dealer and ill audition a few cardas coax to see the improvment on the ART DIO. If this does not aid the lock I'll also try my hand DIY by adding a ceramic cap back in the singal path.

hope it all ends well!
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