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Which is the best Sony full-size headphone ever made?

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The title of this thread is self-explanatory.
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you forgot the KING!


only good sony headphone I own is the MDR-V6.
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I added the R10...
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I haven't listened to any of those phones, but I'd imagine the R-10. It had better be for the price. My favorite sony phones are the 888s and an old pair of sony earbuds my dad had. Top of line before the 484. Too bad only 1 driver works.
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Gee, thats a tough one. I haven't even heard the Sony R10 kings and I voted for them. They aren't called the Kings of nothing, yes?
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i'd say the V6's are the best. They are great for their price, and can compete with most other headphones in its price range (which few other SOny's can do)... In addition, its a closed headphone, easily the best closed headphone cheaper than Beyerdynamic 831, which is way more expensive...

stuff like the r10 are outragously expensive, and not necessarly better than cheaper Grados and Senns...
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I've heard many a Sony phone, but not all of them, and not the 3000's, 1700's or R10's. But how I do love my inexpensive V6's!

That's what I voted for.
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CD1700 - Same price range as the DT831, and, IMHO, better.

The E484's are _something_, though, easily the best earbud this side of the Ety's. Too bad I don't have much of a use for mine, as they're open, and I take the subway 5 days a week.
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After listening to all of the above headphones at one time or another in my life, I would have to say...the R10s. They still rule with an iron fist over Sony's headphone kingdom.
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I had to go with "Don't know" because I've only heard the V6's, 7506's, and 1700's. I'm hoping it's the R-10.
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I would say the V6. I haven't heard the R10 and probably never will so they don't exist as far as I'm concerned.
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For value, there's no beating the V6. One of my favorite headphones and at a great price!
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Why would anyone vote for something they never heard?
What makes no sense whatsoever.
Use your brains and your ears when voting for these things
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Sony headphones SUCK!

I appears to me that Sony builds headphones mainly to be efficient so that they sound good with gutless portable crap. Even on there pro side they make a lot of portable pro equipment, so they have to make efficient cans. You can't gain efficiency without giving up the damping needed to get headphones to snap into focus when driven well. In the pro world AKG has been the king forever.

For efficient phones they may be okay, but sorry, they don't have a phone that even comes close to being competative sonically in any price level comparison once you drive them with an amp.

Sorry, Sony could do way better. BTW someone asked why we don't carry Sony. It's because we can't commit to the volumes they want; we do black and white literature and sony requires that there product be advertised in color; and you've got to carry a lot ot different models. I think there are a couple of models that are pretty good and would like to carry them. And I think Sony's done some amazing stuff. But all in all it appears to me that they're out to spend money on ads, not on audio quality.
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For someone on an increasingly strict budget like me, my ears SUCK! That is, if you can't even come close to affording an extremely expensive headphone amp (needed for ultra-low-efficiency headphones), and all you can afford is a gutless portable, you might as well stick with the piece-of-garbage headphones that come bundled with such electronics!

And not all headphones that have little or no damping whatsoever are efficient - there are headphones that are extremely inefficient and have no damping whatsoever!
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