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Yeah, that's true that technically talking and according to physics, this process makes changes in the internal molecular estructure of he metals and solids in general, but what is true also, is that I do doubt, and is extremelly hard to believe, at least for me, that this almost imperceptible molecular changes (if any) in the internal chains, would offer any noticeable difference in sound that can be heard by a human being, (sometimes even the difference between two different tubes is not easy to be heard), but maybe a bat or a dog can do it, but in any case I can't sleep hanging upside down, (as I don't want my cans to fall down) so please better spend your money in a better tube or a better rig and that's it, and leave this completelly unecesary expenses to Bill Gates (and I think, that not even him, is going to believe or spend money on that).

note: please i suggest this, and as a curiosity: treat a sovtek 5751 and if it sounds better that an old Sylvania black plates or GB, just let me know, to get a whole case.....
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If I had any tube gear, I'd do it. Sadly, I have neither tubes nor tube gear. Maybe in a few years. . .
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I have concluded from my experience that red dot or not, there is no way to make Indian music listenable.
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This is all very interesting from a technical perspective.

However, it's got a sort of Ted Williams quality to it, and I've sworn off baseball for life. So it kind of kills it for me.

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