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Third Atlanta HeadFi Meet - Page 3

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Ok so maybe I missed it...
But how are you guys planning for january when no one has yet agreed to host the meet?
Or maybe you are just gonna have it in the park?
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Whats the latest word on the meet? Is it going to happen and if so, where will it be?
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Originally Posted by a1rocketpilot
Whats the latest word on the meet? Is it going to happen and if so, where will it be?
And the answer is?
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still not sure yet, we atlanta headfiers are slackers Im still thinking about maybe the end of january as that seems to be the best time for everyone. And about the host, not sure, but i think if we chip in and get a hotel room, there will be no need for a host. Just a location, and we are there. Any suggestions for one in atlanta?, preferably a cheap one
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Keep me posted. I have just started getting back into headphones & picked up some Grado SR80s.
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Any update?
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I'm up for it. I don't really have much (CMoy, iPod, Nokia 6230), and some of the stuff I have is crap (Sony MDR-V700DJ ). I'm getting a pair of KSC-35s and hopefully will be getting a set of MS-1s soon. Anyways, when's this meet happening?
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Wow. It should be nice. It is january now. Do we have a fixed schedule now? I would like to join. I can bring my HD650/X-Can V3/Monster Cable HTS3500 and some cables.
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I'd like to attend too. I just got my Alessandros MS-1s that I can bring.
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OK..............January is going to wrap up soon, lol. Any new plans? Thoughts? Can anyone host or should we rent a place?
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Can someone in the atlanta area kindly host a meet for us?
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The best thing to do may be to get a room in a hotel or something downtown where we can all meet up. I'd be willing to donate some money to getting a place set up, if others will also.
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Bump to continue searching for a location/see if anyone is still interested.
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Common atlanta, somebody must want to host for us. We will pay a $5 donation at the door for the power usage. Anybody? Mulveling(heard you got a house), purk, tom hankins, kenw?? Anybody? I live in Athens, so that rules me out, unless you guys want to meet up in athens, then maybe we can work something out.
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Time for the weekly revival of the thread. Someone around here has got to be willing to host the meet, otherwise we need to get a hotel room.

On a side note, I know many of you around here have K340's, but does anyone have a K701 that they could bring to the meet?
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