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The Hornet arrives...(pics 56k)

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Comes in a nice little box...

Some of the contents - notice the nice little bag and the rubber feet to put on yourself if you decide to

Finally Ray has included instructions - hopefully this will save from wasted bandwidth of questions composed of "how do you turn on the amp?"

Number 1 baby

SR-71 vs. Hornet size pics

hornet chilling with the Meridian and the other amps in the stable, soon to be accompanied by Eddie Current and Meier Audio

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Cute. I need more money.
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Nice pics! 9002 should be here in a day or two. I am looking forward to hearing your impressions and hopefully a review down the road.
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do you have fannel sheets? lol cause the pillow looks like it has a fannel cover =D Well anyways, I can't wait till I get mine, I should be coming soon.
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Am I the only one amused that after the "NONE RECHARGEABLE" bit on the back silkscreen that we have "NON-RACHARGEABLE" in the instruction manual?

Hopefully Ray won't decide to recall all the Hornets to fix the mistake.
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man, it really is much smaller than the sr-71. can't wait to get mine!

question - the thumbscrews look like they protrude past the edge of the case...if you don't use the stick-on feet, what parts of the hornet are touching on the bottom?
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Nice pic's Ryan you got #1 you are cool how long untill a review compairing the hornet to the SR-71? Nice looking SR-71 by the way
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Congrats; the Hornet looks really sweet and from what I’ve read should sounds somewhat similar to the Raptor. I’ve always liked the RS chassis. And sounding similar to the Raptor is an incredible feat in such a compact amp.

I believe this is the first time Ray has used packaging specifically made and designed for his RS product line (i.e., box, red pouch, and instruction manual).

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That's pretty sweet looking. Can't wait to hear your impressions and a comparison with the SR-71.
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Looks aren't everything, but it does look awesome. Thanks for the pics!
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Very impressive. Ray has outdone himself with the complete rig of box, manual, and cloth bag for the Hornet itself.

Very professional looking, and I can't wait to see mine. Perhaps Ray can bring all the ones for Florida guys to the Tampa meet - that would be sweet.

Thanks for getting the pics up recstar24, and congratulations to Ray on a fantastic new product.
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AAAARRRGGGHH!! ...waiting
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WOW! The SR-71 looks huge next to it. Let us know how the two compare.
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Originally Posted by vranswer
AAAARRRGGGHH!! ...waiting
I think mine will arrive tomorrow. Should I stay at home and abandon my work duties.....
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Damn... I know I wasn't keen on my brief trial at the SJ meet, but seeing the completed product... who's bringing one to the NYC meet?!?


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