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New Square = Spring Valley, N.Y 10977

Originally Posted by skagen View Post
Either WilliamGoody and the town of New Square has the most incometent postman of all time, or...
Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
New Square??? The address he gave me was "New City"!!!
The Village of New Square, like many in the Town of Ramapo, N.Y does not have it's own zip code. I live in the village of New Hempstead which borders both New Square and New City. My Zip code is also 10977.

Some people here address their mail: New Hempstead, N.Y. 10977. Others may address theirs: Spring Valley, N.Y 10977. Same thing probably happens in New Square. Either way, the postman knows where to deliver it. Other carriers however, i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. may have a problem unless you address shipments to Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977.
If you Google the Zip Code 10977 or query 10977 in any other database, the only place that comes up is Spring Valley. There is no New Square, New Hempstead, Wesley Hills, or any other incorporated village that shares that zip code.

If he lives in New City, however, he has no excuse. New City is located in the Town of Clarkstown and has its own unique zip code which is 10956.

By the way, I highly doubt this fellow lives in New Square. The only people who live there are members of a closed sect of ultra-religious Orthodox Hassidic Jews. None of them have access to the internet, and very few of them drive. For those of you who met him, if he did no look like he just stepped out of the 1700's, he lives in New City not New Square.


If you addressed it New City, NY 10956, it got there.

If you addressed it New Square, NY 10977, it got there.

If you addressed it Spring Valley, NY 10977 it got there.

If you addressed it New Square, NY 10956 or New City, NY 10977, it probably got lost.

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papalion - why are you dredging up an old feedback thread to comment on postal idiosyncracies?

p.s. your avatar and signature make you look small-minded.
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#1) This feedback post was linked to in a more recent post that I was reading.

#2) By small minded, do you mean anyone who does not share your opinion?
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