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Bill went the extra mile and dropped of a cable to me, great dealing with bill.
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Bill bought my Beyer 880s yesterday. Every transaction with Bill is smooth--he always goes the extra mile and is one of the nicest people around. As always, I recommend him highly.
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Another smooth transaction with Bill for a Sony MZ-R900 MD. A really great guy to deal with, he even threw in a little gift (pre-recorded minidisc), which I'm enjoying immensely. As FCJ said, Bill "goes the extra mile"........literally!
Would not hesitate to deal with Bill again......highly recommended.
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Just completed a trade with Bill. I have done a few transactions with him in the past and each one has been perfect. I would/will do business with him anytime.

Thanks for the Melos Bill!!
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I sold Bill a set of headphones recently, and it was a very smooth transaction. Payment was received quickly and he's a nice guy, too! A pleasure to deal with - I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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Sold william my beloved Sharp MD, after he promised to take good care of it. He even went the extra mile(s) and drove up to my house for the transaction. Bill is an extremely honorable dude, with whom I'd gladly do business anytime.
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I just receive from Bill, a pair of KSC-35 earphones still sealed in it's original packaging just as advertized.

I am burning them in as I type this.

I would not hesitate to do business (buy or sell) with Bill anytime.

Thank you Bill.
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Im sorry i didnt put this in here before, but i just bought a pair of portapros from him. great transaction. it was my first time buying/selling here, and because of him, ill be doing more.
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I just met Bill and picked up his Baby Staxes (o.k., they were once mine, long story). As always Bill goes the extra mile and makes transacting with him really, really easy. He's one of the nicest guys around and I recommend him highly.
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I've just received a D25S Discman from Bill...

Exceptionally well packed (although I got some curious glances from my family, when they saw what was originally in the box ) and a great guy to deal with

Thanks Bill
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Thanks Bill

even though i have 2 JMT Meta42's on order,
todayy i bought a Meta from Bill ( couldn't stand the wait )
Bill set a fair price & even delivered
I'm very happy wiy my purchase
plus it was kind of fun riding the subway with Bill,
look foward to doing more business in the future.


I know you're thinking
how meta's is he going to collect
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I just bought some headphones from Bill. Great communication and fast shipping.
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Did another trade with Bill for some headphones. Bill, as always, goes out of his way to be accomidating. He's a great guy, and I cannot recommend him highly enough!
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Successfully bought a pair of PX200s off Bill. Would deal with again.
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A difficult transaction with Bill. He denied recieving my check for 2 weeks. It could have been the mail,but another member PM'd me that he was dealing on the same player. In the meantime Bill would not respond to my PM's.Bill finally acknowledged he recieved it and mailed me the pcdp,but it took some rude PMs back and forth to get the job done. He claimed he was having a very tough life.
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