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Negative feedback

Bill reserved my minidisc recorder, then pulled out of the deal one week after payment was due (and three weeks after reserving). Then he offered to buy another item of approximately equivalent cost from someone else. One week later he purchased the same item he promised to buy from me from somebody else. I am very disappointed with this behavior and strongly discourage any dealings with Bill.
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Bill bought my Sony 500 SACD player a few weeks ago. As always, a super-easy transaction--Bill is always willing to go the extra mile. Thanks!
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I recently sold Bill a pair of Grado 225s and a pair of Senn 25SPs. He went out of his way to meet in a location convenient for me and the deal went off without a hitch. A pleasure as usual and I would not hesitate to deal again. Thanks Bill !
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Mr. Bill purchased my Pioneer R10's. As always, Bill went out of his way to meet me to pick up the phones. He's a great guy, a pleasure to deal with and talk to, and is one of the most reputable people around. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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Completed yet another deal with Bill who is a frequent buy/sell/trade partner. Always satisfying, always a pleasure. Thanks Bill !

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Bill drove out of his way to meet me yesterday. It was a great meeting. Item was as described and our transaction completed very smoothly. It was a pleasure. Thanks Bill!

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Completed another transaction with Bill; this time he purchased my Stax Sr-5s. As always, Bill goes the extra mile--he met me to pick up the phones and he always pays promptly. He's a great person and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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One more transaction today with Bill. As always, he makes it easy. He's a great guy and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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Bill is a great person to deal with, very fast payment and good communication. Would gladly deal with him again.
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bought Bill's iPod for a great price, and he even agreed to ship it to me before payment was received! Item was received well packed and in great condition. Thanks Bill!
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I just recieved a Meta42 from Bill. It doesn't get any better than this guy. Great communication, transaction was incredibly smooth, the amp arrived packed quite well with a suprise bonus added in for good measure. Thanks Bill, you da man!
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Completed a trade yesterday with Bill. As always, he goes the extra mile (literally, I might add) to meet you in person and to be as accomodating as possible. Once again, Bill can never, ever be recommended highly enough! Great guy.
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Bill very kindly drove to meet me today so that we could trade equipment. Everything went quite well and I'd gladly conduct business with him again.

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HI: Meet BILL again today and got my Meta42 back and he got some of my stuff. Cant say enough about this guy. He is just so easy going and polite. He is my # one pm first to sell stuff to and always glad to meet with him.
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Williamgoody - Negative Feedback

Bill agreed to sell me an Ipod on 02-10-2003, and we exchanged numbers, and I sent him my address. Then I did not hear back from him until a week later when he said the the Ipod wasn't booting and he was going to take to Apple Store and would keep me informed. And Bill has been ignoring my messages regarding the Ipod ever since.

I just learned from this Feedback thread that Bill might have sold the Ipod to user vwap instead and lied to me. I understand that I am a newbie at this site and Bill may feel more comfortable dealing with a 500+ member. The least he could have done was to tell me that the Ipod was no longer available. As I have passed up on a few deals while waiting for Bill's response, and he never did.

I may be new on Head-Fi, but I've been around long enough to know that Bill's behavior is not welcomed anywhere.

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