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As buyer:
William bought my JMT's Cmoy. His MO arrive quickly. The transaction went smoothly through e-mail and private message. Highly recommend and a pleasure to deal with.

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HI all: I meet williamgoody last nite and boy was he a nice guy. Very manorly and easy going. Just a real nice guy. He bought my suprene amp and I bought a cmoy from him. He came from NY and was right on time. I minit late LOL. It was a prue plasure to meet him and do a transaction with him. I am begaining to think that all head-fi members are great when we meet in person.
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I just got Bill's iPod in trade for my Senn HD-600s. He drove all the way out to my house......close to a two hour drive from his home. He's a great guy and a person you can trust in any transaction. I'm really enjoying the 20 gig iPod.......and I enjoyed meeting Bill as well. Nice guy!
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Another excellent transaction with Bill........this time a Titanium Powerbook. It was just as he posted: "pristine." I would not hesitate to do business again with a great Head-Fier and all-around nice guy. Thank you.
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Very easy to deal with.

He got an amplifier from me, for his home theater set up, we were talking for about an hour or so, we interchange some ideas, mostly related with the headphone world, he was a very nice guy, really nice to deal with, he even offers himself to drive me up if the NY-NJ area listening party, if at the end takes place in some place around, we are very interested in interchange some rig with the rest of the headfiers of the area, these stuff are pretty expensive and if you can take a look or a listen before make any decision it will be a really good idea, is not the first time you bet on something and at the end isa mess!!!! two thumbs up for this nice guy!!!!
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Bill was kind enough to buy my Sugden Headmaster. Very pleasant and smooth transaction. I'd do business with him again anytime! Highly recommended!

EDIT 1/5/03: This is a gray area, as the transaction was almost smooth. However, after we had agreed to a price, and just prior to payment, williamgoody asked for a price reduction due to a poor financial situation. I gave him a small one, and the deal went through fine after that. However, I'm bothered by the fact that he asked for this after the deal was agreed to. I didn't think much of this until I learned of the DanG's transaction below. Once a sale is agreed to, that contract should be final. For williamgoody, that appears to not always be the case.
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Bill just purchased my Stax Stax sr-001 MKII system. He's a really, really great guy. Not only did he drive out to pick them up, but we must have spent an hour chit chatting about headphone stuff big and small. I recommend him highly!!
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William, bought a Sony D-25s from me, and was a pleasure to deal with. The transaction was smooth and he was very polite. Would definitely deal with him again. Highly recommended.
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......also bought my Cosmic amp from me. The transaction went VERY well.

Thanks, Bill!!

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Koss 50's

I recently purchased a pair of Koss 50's from Bill. They came today, and I am very pleased with them. The delivery was fast and the payment was easy. It was a very good price.
Bill took alot of time with me (Newbie) explaining some of the differences between headphones. He is knowledgeable and friendly. You can deal with this guy in full confidence. Thanks Bill....
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I bought Bill's Sugden Headmaster at the NYC Head-Fi meet. It was exactly as described, and he gave me one-helluva-deal ! Thanks Bill ! It's making my Grado 325s & myself very happy.

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Can't believe I almost forgot, I sold Bill my Grado 60s at the meet as well. Another great deal with Bill. Great guy and great to deal with.

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HI: I meet BILL again today and he bought all the stuff that he said that he would. It is always a pleasure to meet him. He even gave me a present a cd player with a line out. Thanks BILL. He was even a little early this time LOL. BILL has more amps and headphones than carder has pills. He knows a lot about this hi-fi stuff and is just a great guy.
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Bill sold me a cd burner. I'm a novice at this, and he generally extended a standing offer of assistance by email. It's been a pleasure doing business with him, and I would readily buy from him again.
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HI: Well I met BIL again yesterday and he bought 2 headphones and an amp. This time we spent abound 45 min. in my car talking a lot. BILL is real easy to talk to and very mannerly and just a pleasure to be with. I laughed a lot and just had a good time with him. This is one great guy.
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