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Steal these speakers in Massachusetts!

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Hey head-fi'ers in the Massachusetts area:

I have too many bookshelf speakers now. Finally settled on my new pair, and need to drop one or more sets of others. So, here are the first to go:

1 pr Athena AS-B1 speakers (series 1) for $50 local sale. Functionally perfect; cosmetically, probably a rating of 8/10 on Audiogon scale. There is a small chip in the lower corener on one speaker (not even 1/8"), and the grill on one has a tiny hole and some marks, though the marks may wash/wipe off.

Do a search on these on head-fi, you'll see they mate very well with the T-Amp (I've tried it and concur).

I have no box or manual, and don't feel like packing them up otherwise, so again, local sale only. I'm in North Andover, MA, near the NH border, near the intersection of Rt's 495 and 93.

I can probably get pictures linked, but since it'd be a local sale, you'd see them in person anyways. But if you really want it, I can get off my lazy butt and take a couple.

PM me if interested, and would like to come by and see. I work in Chelmsford, MA, so meeting there is a possibility as well.....

See my feedback for Audiogon - member chams_uk or here at Head-Fi


Todd - skullguise

EDIT: interested in a trade for good quality RCA-mini cable, 1M or so.
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If I didn't have 7 speakers in my 10' x10' living room already, I would grab them.
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What's one more pair, Bob?

Somehow I don't think these would replace your Legacy's!

Anyhow, Trade Pending, just to update all.
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