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Binaural SACD available

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SACD player owners, there's an SACD with binaurally recorded channels available: HECTOR BERLIOZ: Symphonie fantastique; Love Scene from Romeo et Juliette - Cincinnati Sym. Orch./Paavo Jarvi - Telarc SACD-60578.

Here's a quotation from Audiophile Audition:

If you want to hear what it's like to sit in the balcony at Cincinnati's Music Hall during a performance, just run Channels 4 & 5 on this SACD into your headphone amp and put on your headphones. They were recorded binaurally using the Neumann dummy head mike system.
For the full review go here.
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Everyone here with a SACD player should get this SACD! Binaural recordings on a high end headphone system is about as hi-fi as you can get!
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so, does that mean you are getting it kelly?
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Originally posted by KR...
so, does that mean you are getting it kelly?
Unfortunately, I don't have my SACD player at the moment but the redbook layer is still enjoyable. Hopefully dparrish will have his player at next weekend's meet and I can try out the binaural tracks there.
Thanks very much for the info. If you hear of any others, of course, please post them.
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So I tried to buy this used over the net. When it came in the mail, it was DSD...but no SACD, instead a mere CD. I've mailed it back and hope the guy gives me a refund (I wonder how many newbies like me have been taken by someone selling a CD as an SACD?).

Now I have it on order from Amazon.
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This isn't a bad album so I don't regret the purchase but...

At the Dallas HeadFi meet, this didn't sound right at all to me. It certainly didn't sound like a good binaural recording.

It's possible I wasn't doing it right. From the description it sounded like it wanted me to use the rear left and rear right channels. I tried this and then finally switched to front left and front right. In either case, the standard 2 channel mix sounded better to me.

(By the way: associated equipment here was the Sugden Headmaster, Headroom Max, Sennheiser HD600 with Cardas cable, Sony R10 and Grado HP-2 on the Sony XA777ES player--so I don't think it was a hardware issue.)
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I still haven't got mine, but you've cooled my enthusiasm a bit.
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Calanctus, I don't think that was a scam, same thing happened to me with a Yo-Yo Ma SACD I ordered. I think it's just an honest lack of knowledge about the format. (by the way I ordered from Amazon)
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Nebuchadnezzar, I think you're right. So few people seem to have even heard about SACD (or DVD-A for that matter). The promotion/marketing by the big companies is really pathetic!
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