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wow, everyone is mentioning such great music (a lot of it stuff I had thought to be underappreciated/obscure). great thread.

aside from the zep I mentioned before, I like to get a little aerobic workout in with some !!! ('Intensify') or LCD Soundsystem ('Yeah') too, reaching optimal bouncerate with my UR40's. I feel they both give you a pretty good idea of how tight the lows are and how clear the highs.
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A great experience in space and dynamics can be found in
Damien Rice - Cheers Darlin' - "O"

Its a great acoustic song with amazing detail, it opens with the sound of various acoustic instruments, a drum which is barely being touched with with the kick, and eve a glass clanking along with the song. All over a subtle background of mingling.

Its all natural sounds and a true benchmark that I use in auditioning any audio system. If on a good setup this song really jumps to life and is great to use in a critical review.
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Joe Satriani- Crystal Planet
Alison Krauss- Lonely Runs Both Ways
Cassandra Wilson- New Moon Daughter
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There are so many songs that are just plain fun to listen to, but the ones that come to the top of my hear are:

No Doubt - Hella Good
Led Zepplin - Custard Pie
Jaco Pastorious - Black Market (Live in Italy Album)
George Benson - Take Five (Live at Carnegie Hall Album)
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Here's some with my E4's, not all of them

Rush - Freewill, YYZ, 2112, Tom Sawyer, Limbo, Something for Nothing

Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore, Since I've been Loving you, Immigrant Song, Rain Song, pretty much most of their songs.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Mambo Swing, Go Daddy O(swingers), 2000 Volts, Jumpin Jack, Mr. Pinstripe Suit, again most of their songs.

Royal Crown Revue - Whole album of Mugzy's Move.

Pink Floyd - Whole Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall Albums

The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute

Cherry Poppin Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot, and Diamond Light Boogie.

I found that they lack in heavy metal w/o power to back it up...
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Andrés Calamaro - El Cantante (the whole album).

This is the record I use to test my system when I change something. The flamenco-jazz guitars by El Niño Josele are simply amazing. A very well recorded and played album.
Along with Clapton's Unplugged, this is my guitar reference album. Perfect plain spanish/acoustic guitars. And the melodies and singing are awesome too. Very recommended.
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Nice to see some other Marillion fans here. Most people I know never heard of them. Script For A Jester's Tear and Misplaced Childhood really made me appreciate my E3Cs. Sounds pretty damn good on my SR-80s as well.
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Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony (played it live myself, amazing sounding, and amazingly hard to play)
and on the other end of the spectrum
Static-X: Shadow Zone (some of the best hard rock/metal intro's I've ever heard)
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Originally Posted by Estilo
Here's some with my E4's, not all of them

Pink Floyd - Whole Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall Albums

Just had to chime in here. Pink Floyd in general....and Darkside in particular is what set me out on the crusade to find better headphones in the first place. How many people around here, do you figure, were initially inspired by Pink Floyd music?

First time I heard Darkside through headphones, I thought - "Wow! Imagine how this would sound if I had really good headphones!" At the time, I had a pair of very cheap Koss headphones. I think they were GT-5 or something like that. They didn't sound half bad compared to all the other cheapies that were going at the time. But man....Floyd's music just sounds better and better each time you upgrade.
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Del Rey (Darkness & Distance) make my RS-1 WOOOOW.

I also love them for listening to "I am Kloot" or "Swayzak"....
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the propellerheads are great on my senn's
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I just bought a jacintha cd. Man....AWESOME!
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one song:

Ibara no Namida by L'Arc en Ciel

I used to work on an electronics store, and i used this song to demonstrate the SQ on hi-fi's... just by listening to the first minute you can tell how good something sounds...

oh, and i didn't read the whole thread, so i assume the conversation is still about the first poster's question...
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May I know which album is this song in?
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The Rite of Spring - Igor Stravinsky - Valery Gergiev The deep bass from this recording thru my Raptor into the ATH-L3000's is in******credible!
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