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I don't know what to say. I had seen Rice's name in various places but I had never listened to his material. Just WOW! Eskimo is a masterpiece, thank you mate. I'm really grateful for this.
Haha, that post of mine is almost 10 years old!! How time flies... I'm very glad to introduce you to Damien Rice, that album is still in my top ranked albums.
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This does it for me all the time. Wish they made more in this form:



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Whenever i get a new set of headphones/earphones or a new player I always start with Bastille 'Pompeii' - not my usual style of music but it sounds incredible on a decent set up

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Great album, perfect with LCD-2

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Sure, that's some crap YT quality there but getting proper WOOOOOW on this side of the screen. Oh boy.

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"Non Brewed Condiment" - Allan Holdsworth

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Radiohead's album "Amnesiac has some really bassy songs. The most bassy song I've heard is called "Pulk/Pull Revolving doors" (off of Amnesiac). This one sounds cool as heck.


MGMT's song "An Orphan of Fortune" sounds really cool on my headphones.


Tame Impala's "Apocalypse Dreams". Cool song, builds until like the 2:50 mark where the music is suddenly stuffed into a bag for just a second where it builds, and is then released into a built up explosion of crash cymbals and distorted guitar. Makes you really go "wow".

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Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn is a really pleasing album. I recommend Lonely Press Play. Musically it is a delight, too.
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the cover of the pina colada song from jack johnson is amazing on my k712

if you close your eyes it's as if you are there, complete with the constant background noise (you can hear the ocean and people chattering and children shrieking)

this version is rather crappy sadly



another great song I like to test headphones with is pompeii



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"Rival" (from the 2000 release Binaural) by Pearl Jam.

Starts with an angry dog growling around the room (binaural recording) and gives a really funny and cool experience since you feel it's going to bite your ear off biggrin.gif.
Besides, the song is really good.

If you want to impress someone show them this one.
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Best live set i've ever heard. Above and Beyond did a jazz session, that's worth a listen too. 

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"Planet Caravan" - Black Sabbath

It's all about the congas and the ripple effects.
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