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Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!! - Page 231

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not exactly a song.

Nevertheless, amazing.

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Poetic horror music as I thought of calling it now. Lee Blaske is truly an amazing artist.


"Between Darkness And Light" from the album "Behind the Day, Journey of a Vampire".


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I come bearing bass gifts basshead.gif

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Garbage - "Only Happy When It Rains" live.

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Jazz rendition of the Game of Thrones theme. Made me say wow for multiple reasons.

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Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy of gold.



It always makes people that don't know what quality is WOW, and it also makes me WOW. And that's from a HE-300 straight from a regular laptop, with youtube quality. Imagine it with something like a maxed Stax SR009 set and losless quality.

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So much awesome!

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Originally Posted by DJScope View Post

So much awesome!

Goodness me..what a trip!!!

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This mix sound OK with youtube quality , so if you like it i suggest to download it in 320MP3 at least, ...  


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Originally Posted by Dragonmilenario View Post

I have the HD595 form Sennheiser, and my question is about songs well produced -every kind of music- that makes me fell that i buy a very good headphones
whith clear mids and hights, and deep bass.

complete albums too of course.

i asked for that composition or album that you say to yourself wow, i like this sound as heaven

I have a good amp and a good euipement -onkyo- this is no problem.

Any suggestion, i like too orchestral influences and piano and violin compositions.

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Originally Posted by Callahan Robert View Post

Listen to "Kamakiriad" or "Nightfly" by Donald Fagan. I read where a studio engineer used the recording to "zero" in his equipment.
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 Fyfe - St. Tropez (set to HD!)




Blue in Green - Rainy Days


Bossanova - Blue Bossanova


Arctic Monkeys - 505


Gardens & Villa - Chrysanthemums


Shadow on Stars - Little Bit (cover of Lykke Li)


Ellie Goulding - High for This (cover)(amazing bass drop)


Julie London - Blue Moon


Passion Pit - Constant Conversations


Gorillaz - Empire Ants (my test song)


Threw in a bit of a mix here for anyone interested... PM me if you have suggestions.

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The Aristocrats: Lousville stomp


Unfortunately I can't find a better version in youtube, it's a pure pleasure to listen the Guthrie Govan's guitar with my Dt880, excellent sound and great performance.



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Wilco - Far, Far Away

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