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I put some death metal on loud on repeat. A great one to give the drivers a big workout is Deicide's To Hell with God album. Fearsome production - fast, brutal and dynamic across the whole frequency range.
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1. Love is The Reason by Bebe Winans

2. Rise by Dave Koz and Friends

3. Fortune Teller by Fourplay

4. Botswana Bossanova by David Benoit

5. Come Away With Me by Incognito

6. Rio Funk by Lee Ritenour

7. Modaji by Dave Grusin

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So... lately, I've been getting into covers.


This guy deserves to be big. If a chubby little angel named Adele can make it so can he.


One more from the same guy? Yupp, he's just that good.


And now - Placebo! In what probably is their first and only "non-self-ironic-song". Stop being so damn depressed, you're a good band!


This guys are awesome, check out their other videos too.


Holy crap. Bjork should totally have been fronting a metal band all these years.


Also - did I post this Patti Smith cover before? I can't remember, but it's pure magic.


Happy new year!

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Originally Posted by Johnnyhi View Post

you gotta listen to this...

Really amazing!

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So... lately, I've been getting into covers.





this is very cool

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Especially on my LA5000 or LCD2. Beautiful. Actually, pretty much any Phutureprimitive song is beautiful and amazingly produced and recorded. They even play this song live with instruments.


High Quality Format Download.



Rain's (Phutureprimitive) new production.


HQ Download:



Try and also find Noktamid: Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem or PSI FY New Life album for some wow.

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Pat metheny meets dream theater...maybe?


Totally awesome.

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great harmonies!

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Originally Posted by AT2010 View Post


I don't think I've ever actually come across anyone else that listens to Ratatat. I knew there had to be someone else :P




Also, this is what I'm loving at the moment.

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The whole Chris Clark discography.


Also, if you got powerful highs/mids on your earphones, try Holocene by Bon Iver :


http://mp3skull.com/mp3/holocene.html (2nd link, since I don't know if I can post the actual link here)

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:dt880smile:Everclear - AM Radio:dt880smile:


These 4 minutes are unforgettable. The track surprisingly gives you the ROOMY sound - even if your stuff is a closed (but hardcore) HD25 like mine - which was not designed to sound this openly (or openly at all). I honestly feel like there is a secret creature in my Senns, and AM Radio brings it to life! 


Very clear and well-textured music, one of the best feelings I ever had in the world of high-end listening.



My opinion above is strictly based on a FLAC experience. If you want to grab a copy, just send me a message and I will reply with a link and password for the 30 MB file.


Try it out and let me know what you think,


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This is one of those awesome bands that just never made it big


If you like a perfect circle / soundgarden, put on your favorite cans and zone out for 5 minutes.


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Originally Posted by Dogfish63 View Post



great harmonies!

Thanks Dogfish63, really enjoyed this through my laptop speakers, going to bandcamp now to purchase & listen through HP's.

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