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Originally Posted by reeltime View Post

Spinning vinyl-- Side one of Rush Moving Pictures is SICK.


They use up all the space inside of my HD 800s. 

That's an excellent album. smily_headphones1.gif

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I just got my new amp and DAC setup today. I am Schiiting my pants (heh) over how amazing the FLAC rip I have of Spiritualized's "Complete Works Volume One" ... "Feel So Sad (Rhasphodies)" has never sounded so good. This is seriously beautiful stuff.
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I like this one, and my lcd 2's LOVES HER!redface.gif

One Love | Sara Tavares | Hed Kandi-Serve Chilled

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Avalon by Roxy Music

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Originally Posted by JakeJack_2008 View Post

Avalon by Roxy Music

+1 Just cued this one up.....forgot how beautiful this Album is.

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James Taylor's live album One Man Band sounds great.



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The Krushevo Album is among my favorite purchases over the last 5-10 years. I keep going back to it for relaxation; simply an amazing recording! Sounds gorgeous on my BHA-1/BDA-2/LCD3 rig..........highly recommended!


 Pick it up here: http://www.marecordings.com/main/product_info.php?cPath=29&products_id=68  Todd Garfinkle is brilliant at what he does!

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  • Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet : This track always seems to make it into the rotation when I'm testing new equipment. It's particularly enjoyable on vinyl because of the slight crackling. It's great on headphones and I love the feeling I get when I imagine younger versions of my parents. It's like a time machine.


  • Bon Iver - Re:Stacks / Holocene : These are just great tracks. They sound good and the music is very relaxing. Holocene sounds better on headphones but I still love Re:Stacks.


  • Cat Power - The Greatest : This is the kind of song that sounds like background music to a movie scene when I listen on the HE-400s. I've listened to this on some decent speaker systems and it just never felt as intimate.


  • Kenny G - Forever In Love : Love the sax.


  • The Mayan Factor - Warflower : They're an extremely underrated act and this track is beautiful. The production isn't reference quality but the performance is so engaging that it more than makes up for that, in my opinion. Definitely check it out if you're in the mood for a down tempo progressive-lite experience. Their entire catalog is fantastic but Warflower is probably the most accessible. I have a hard time thinking of another song that makes me this involved/apart of it.


  • Popa Chubby - Same Old Blues : I love a good blues track with some good headphones and this delivers.
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Quality tracks for quality headphones ;).



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Originally Posted by ChackaYo View Post

Quality tracks for quality headphones ;).






one of my favorite songs!!! one of the first dubstep songs i listened to as well, the bass is really chill on this song!!



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I recommend Bjork, particularly songs like Hyper-Ballad or It`s Oh So Quiet

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Never too far (Mike Oldfield ft. Tarja

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Listening to "Night Bus" by Lucy Rose


Great pensive song from a fantastic female vocalist.  Simple and beautiful.

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Dark Knight film score....the bass at 3:27 is insane.
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