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Here's a more obscure one-- 




Check out "Here on the Ground"-- Just a beautiful song with a country vibe. (Available for playback on the Music tab)

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There is much to be said for good production quality... I just picked up a pair of HD 600's about a week ago and have been listening to my CDs nonstop smily_headphones1.gif here are some amazingly well produced sonic eargasm selections:

Canvas Solaris - Irradiance
Hilary Hahn - Bach Concertos
Cradle of Filth - nymphetamine
Nine inch Nails - The downward spiral
Sikth - death of a dead day
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Epica - design your universe
Rodrigo y Gabriela - self titled
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Well I just picked up rodrigo y Gabriela's new cd Area 52 which sports a Latin 13 piece orchestral set to back them up, produced beautifully... Listening to it now, impressed smily_headphones1.gif
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I listen a lot with the Audio Technica ES7 and the following songs stop me from doing whatever I'm doing:

Bjork, Come to Me

Bjork, Play Dead

The Clash, Jimmy Jazz

Depeche Mode, most of the songs from Singles Box 4

Hole, Doll Parts

Hole, She Walks on Me

Lana Del Ray, Blue Jeans

Liz Phair, Strange Loop

Massive Attack, (Exchange)

Mathew Good, Weapon

Metallica, Nothing Else Matters

Nina Gordon, Hate Your Way

Nirvana, On a Plain

Nirvana, Stay Away

Pearl Jam, Once

Pearl Jam, Alive

Pearl Jam, Even Flow

Rilo Kiley, Dreamworld

Rilo Kiley, Close Call

Rolling Stones, Rocks Off

Rolling Stones, Rip this Joint

Rolling Stones, Shake your Hips

Rolling Stones, Let it Loose

Sly and the Family Stone, If you Want me to Stay

Smashing Pumpkins, Quiet

Smashing Pumpkins, Cherub Rock

Smashing Pumpkins, Mayonnaise

Smashing Pumpkins, Soma

The Spinners, I'll be Around

U2, New Years Day

U2, With or Without You

U2, When Love Came to Town

U2. One

Veruca Salt, The Morning Sad

Veruca Salt, Number One Blind

The Verve, Sonnet

The Verve, Neon Wilderness

The Verve, Lucky Man

The Verve, Space and Time 

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Addicting  -  Unordinary and...  Addictive


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Luminous ending theme of Perfect Sense. If anyone has a FLAC pleaseee share!


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Mr. Chow by Acoustic Alchemy

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The one song I can't stop playing right now...Bat for Lashes - Laura.  A simple arrangement and yet so theatrical and grand.

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For you trance music lovers out there, my new podcast is online now!!




Also, new track by Onova is pretty smashing!! Enjoy. :D


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I'm aware this is a shameless plug but it's also very good music in my opinion L3000.gif One of my favorite indie artists Blue Stahli released his 3rd "Anti sleep" album yesterday. If you like it you can get it at Fixtstore.



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A few albums I always listen to when I get a new pair of headphones:


1. Yes - Close To The Edge (No explanation needed really)

2. Harmonium - L'Heptade (And the rest of their albums, glad I have them all on vinyl)

3. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (Just for the sheer energy of it)

4. Maps & Atlases - Trees, Swallows, Houses (Just a fantastically composed math rock EP)

5. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On and Let's Get It On (Nothing sounds better than Marvin's voice)


Edit: I am never one to just listen to one song on an album, so sorry for not being specific haha. But in any case, from start to finish these all take me on a journey where I can kick back, turn off the lights and escape for a few hours...

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Originally Posted by olsenn View Post

Use headphones to listen to your music. Don't use music to listen to your headphones.

One of the smartest statement's I've heard in a while.


Though, I have to admit, I enjoy listening to music but I also enjoy listening to my headphones. With some sets I listen to the music and some I listen to the cans themselves. The ones for music get used more obviously, but I still enjoy the others. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

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If you're into Hip Hop, you gotta check out Cunninlynguists and Blue Scholars



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