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Originally Posted by Tony6225 View Post


And last but not least, the best song in human history basshead.gif

The vibrasphere and koan songs are amazing.. thanks for those.
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Nice song 

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Originally Posted by XxDobermanxX View Post

Nice song 


Love it.



On topic.



Amazing on HD800.

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Great thread guys. I read quite a few of the pages and got some great suggestions. I want to also say that Damien Rice album O is absolutely stunning on my HE-500s. Truly a masterwork of recording and mixing. 


Some other stuff I enjoy:


Anything from Solar Fields. If you haven't heard anything from him, check out:



-Air Song

-Sombrero (Absolute masterpiece) 



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Album: Ethernaut

Artist: The Cruxshadows

Genre: Not sure. A very nice mixture of many things.


These guys... their recording is absolutely perfect. EVERYTHING has a tactile place in the recording. Even the synths are tactile. A tactile synth... it's almost unbelievable. 


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Some alphabetical picks from my playlist that I really enjoy listening. They all sound great:


ACDC - Fire Your Guns

Acker Bilk - Stranger On The Shore

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain

Tony Bennett - I Wanna Be Around

Buddy Guy - Rememberin' Stevie

Dave Matthews Band - Gravedigger

Jeff Beck - Blanket (with Imogen Heap)

Leonard Cohen - Ain't No Cure For Love

Mark Knopfler - Why Aye Man

Michael Bublè - Me And Mrs. Jones

Michael Jackson - Come Together

Nickel Creek - When In Rome

Ryan Adams - Dirty Rain

Queen - A Kind Of Magic

Santana - Game Of Love (with Tina Turner)

Otis Taylor - My Soul's In Louisiana

Steely Dan - Home At Last

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tin Pan Alley

Sting - Desert Rose

Toto - I Will Remember

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

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Originally Posted by VisceriousZERO View Post



Amazing on HD800.


Very nice - and it does sound great on HD800 biggrin.gif

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Check out the solo at about 2:12 with anything that has a wide soundstage, it sounds the same as it did live at an outdoor stage in Central Park NYC. atsmile.gif

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Muramasa by Periphery


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I searched and I never saw this guy mentioned, Madeon. I would listen to him bang two tin cans together if it kept that sweet French house hook.


Pendulum Remix - The Island


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Excellent sound quality and excellent jam:


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"King Of Those Who Know"

Traced in Air


Amazing on all fronts. Jazz-metal at its (psychedelic) finest.

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