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Originally Posted by RushNerd View Post

Think I have any chance at headphones "WOW" factor with my recent cd purchases? http://cdn.head-fi.org/6/63/63819d00_1egFy.jpeg

Only one I've heard is Merriweather Post Pavilion. Not a bad album, took a while to grow on me though. 


I've been meaning to check out Juno Reactor...

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Well just one song apparently for me... but for anyone who's ever seen Gundam before....


EGO from the Gundam Unicorn OST 2


Its sung my a Japanese singer in English lol

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by Monkey Majik


Its a Japanese band but they sing real good in english. :)


Also that Shamisen is just kick-ass.

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Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica (whole album as it is one of THOSE that you should listen gapless i.e. like The Dark Side of The Moon)


IMHO one of the best quality I've ever heard and beautifull music by the way


"Mere" youtube sample:


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of course, grab it in FLAC or 24bit. It's such an amazing recording.

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 "Its called Hyperborean by Arlid Andersen; featured"


Thanks Mikiphile,

Been listening to it all day--absolutely sensational


Many ,Many thanks,



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"Vabokon" by Slicker.


The bizarre beat sounds so damn cool. Unfortunately no streaming version I could find can do it justice.

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THIS^ Such an awesome band but so hard to get right on headphones!

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Deadmau5 - HR 8938 Cephei 2011 FULL SONG!! 1080p FULL HD


I remember deadmau5

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Deadmau5 House Megamix ( By DaXTer ) 1080p 2 hours

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Sensation concert in Amsterdam Netherlands

just huge

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Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)

Will make you cry like a baby!

Spun out from my RenovateD and NCX'd HTC One X!
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The Dream Theater song/epic/operatic metal awesomeness that is


"Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" (around 48 minutes long)


And the 20-minute epic known as




EDIT: Typo!

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