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Which Paul Simon? I was looking at getting Graceland. 

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Coldplay - Politik


Avicii - Levels 


U2 - Beautiful Day


Code Lyoko themesong.


These all sound amazing on the 681's. (foam mod, tissue mod)

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yoshiko kishino - siesta


its not on youtube though haha... i got it from one of my Focal JMLabs Test CDs

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Sink or Swim - Falling in Reverse

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Thanks guys!! Checking these out now. Keep 'em coming...

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I got Graceland, but it seems to be the 2004 remastered version, not the 2010 version that was suggested. I also picked up So Beautiful, So What.

The Alice in Chains is just... Wow.

You can really hear that acoustic bass.
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The acoustic guitar on AIC Unplugged is out of this world. I can hear the strings reberb off the fret!!

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Sick song 

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Some songs I like with my Pro DJ 100s


Blink 182 : Stay Together for the Kids


Nirvana : Lithium 


Alice in Chains : Angry Chair


Rise Against : Hero of War


Lindsey Stirling : Shadows 


Seether : Fake it


Soundgarden : Black Hole Sun


Those and many more. I really like 90s grunge and I like punk to L3000.gif



Edit: I just looked up and saw some Alice in Chains fans! There one of my favorite bands, right now I'm learning "I Stay Away" and "Man in a box" on my guitars.

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I bought a R10 recently and I re-listen all my Lp's and try to select the best audios recordings ever to enjoy the R10 and make the magical show ! It will not be entire LP's, just tracks, and sometimes, I will put appreciation or  some fun details I've noticed ! Of course I try to be short about the tracks because each time I could write a book haha... 


Ok, let's go for some titles (they are too much I can talk about), I can complete on demand my perfect playlist for the R10., it is not on the order of quality, I considere all are greaaat ! :)


Rock/Pop music


Eagles - Hell Freezes Over [SHM-CD] 


Hotel California


Wooooaw. With the R10, you are sitting in the concert. The clappings are REAL, SO REAL, guitares are amazingly real, and the voice is just so natural. Soundstage is perfectly balanced. Maybe the best track to test a headphone for the soundstage.


Eric Clapton - Unplugged - DDD


Of course, this one is entirely great like Hell Freezes Over. Soundstage is perfectly balanced thru the R10. Just on some tracks, you can hear a "buzzz" probably due to an electric problem. It is corrected from the middle of the record. Even there is this minor problem, I think this record is an perfect LP to test any hifi system, any headphones.



The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street - MFSL REMASTERING


Listen to the music 


Incredible soundstage. Very rich 3D sound.


Toulouse Street 


for the amazing stereo effect with the guitar at 00:10s and all the crispy details you can hear. Soundstage again of course.


Anyway, all the LP is amazing to discover with a good headphone.


BECK - Sea Change - SACD version or MFSL mastering


Already Dead 


Sounds huge and crispy, but all the tracks on this one are just AMAZING !


The Rolling Stones - Singles collection - SACD or DSD CD


Sympathy for the devil - Soundstage is amazing.


Something funny : you can hear a girl talking and laughing on the background from 00:15 to 00:20 and sometimes you can hear people's breathing and talking. That's very funny and you can understand why when you have seend the Jean Luc Godard Movie  Sympathy for the devil where you can see the recording session. It is like live. Drums are just amazing anyway.


Wild Horses


This master is hissing  a bit, that's sad... With the R10, and probably other good headphones, you can discover that lot of recording of this time are a bit hissing ...But the guitars are just outstanding and drums are very well sounding on the stage.



David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars - SACD or DSD CD


Of course, this one is huge. The production is over the top. Recording is probably on of the best sounding ever but these tracks are better for me with the R10 :


Five Years

Soul Love


Ziggy Stardust

Rock & Roll Suicide


All are really breath taking.




David Bowie - The man who sold the wold 


The man who sold the world 


Amazing soundstage, huge 3D sound, the David's voice sounds just outstanding. Instruments are real. So real.




Lou Reed - Transformer - Original Album Classic Box - RCA - STEREO


Perfect Day


Ok, each time I listen this song with the R10, It is like a private concert. I can hear all the emotion on the Lou's voice, it seems so shy... And the violins on the background are just magical. What can I say about the Piano ?... No word. Emotion.


Walk on the wild side


All the track sounds great and so good balanced but you can notice the

Saxophone incredibly warm and smooth.



Chris Isaak - Best Of


 Wicked Game and Blue Hotel


Usually forgotten amazing tracks for their perfect sound quality, spectacular stereo effect, and of course, the Chris' voice, just great.

A pure travel on a perfect beach with a perfect girl (like the movie clip of Wicked Game :D)


I will not talk about Dark Side of The moon, because everybody know :D

There are of course lot of other records, and lot of them are already on this thread, but that ones are amazing if you like pop/rock music and headphones, but I am pretty sure you know all already :)



Next time, I will talk about jazz (Coltrane, Davis, pawnshop...etc), sould and classic music...But Just one AMAZING record in Jazz :


The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (1959) - SONY 2010 EDITION ORIGINAL MASTER 360 SOUND


Ok boys and girls, this is ONE OF THE MOST PERFECT record I ever hear from the time, 1959. Period.


Take Five sounds like it has been recorded yesterday.  King of Blue, released the same year sounds great but has a hissing. Time out has a hissing too, but very very minor and the clarity is better, far better on the drums, it is TERRIFIC.


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That's a great list!! I have lot's to check out.



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Someone a few pages back recommended Lateralus by Tool. I had a few of their songs, but this CD is really great. It's not overpowering like some of the other hard rock or metal I have. Everything is clear. It's not super muddled. 


If you're into stuff like Tool, you should check it out. 



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I'm new here (and new to headphones--starting out with the Panasonic RP-HTX7), so here goes (individual songs in no particular order):


Bloc Party - Ares

Bloc Party - Signs

Doves - Satellites (the "drums" are actually the band stomping and clapping in a studio)

Massive Attack - Tear Drop

Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line

Air - Universal Traveler (or just about any song on "Talkie Walkie")

Animal Collective - My Girls

Hidden Orchestra - Antiphon (and the entire album "Night Walks")

Incubus - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)

Xavier Rudd - Footprint

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Thanks for posting!! And welcome to HF...



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