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The PS3000s love everything. Any well recorded piece of music shines on the PS3000s. Brian Wilson - Smile, Flaming Lips - Yoshimi, Gov't Mule live recordings, anything on the Chesky label, Ozzy's new box set, MFSL's Tchaikovsky Anniversary set, you name it.
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Crash Test Dummies - A Worm's Life
Dave Matthews Band - Crash
Emmylou Harris - Spyboy
Grateful Dead - Go To Nassau
Cowboy Junkies - One Soul Now
Alison Krauss - So Long, So Wrong
Steely Dan - Aja
Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain

Just to name a very few...
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You have to listen to:
Rage Against The Machine, the first album!!!!
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pretty much any cd or LP from the David Manley (from Vaccum Tube Logic) collection. they're mainly jazz recordings with my favorite being CD3, James Leary Bass Quintet. amazing recordings as they were recorded with a single stereo microphone that has tube amplification and recorded directly to analogue tape then transfered to CD or LP. the clarity and imaging of these recordings will really shine with your best headphones and show you what is missing in many modern day recordings that use multiple mics and mixed so that everything is in one blob in your head.
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The Who, Live at Leeds (accept no substitutes)
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I was listening to 'The Corrs - Home' last night and it was probably the best my modest little RS-1 setup has sounded.... purchase justified
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Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Nirvana - Unplugged in New York
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damien rice-o
stars-set yourself on fire
thievery corporation-cosmic game
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Originally Posted by kramer5150
Ozzy - Randy Rhoads tribute
That's my all-time favorite album, the guitar work has never been matched, imo.
I learned the tribute version of all the songs on that album, although I can't play them as well as Randy did.

Unfortunately, the production quality isn't that good. They added too much reverb, the crowd noises aren't very detailed and there's very little sense of separation. Everything sounds mushed together.

I found Danial Indart's Latin music to be REALLY impressive, as far as production quality goes.
The tropico 2 album is my favorite. It's really light listening material, but it makes such an impression when I listen to it with my UE10's.

Also, Rush's Remastered Moving Pictures sounds amazing, and I'm not a huge rush fan.
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jack johnson - Taylor
Coldplay - Yellow
Coldplay - Speed of sound
Grolliaz - Daemon days
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Infected Mushroom - BP Empire (Album)
E-Jekt - Dark Fader (Album)
Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance 2005 (Album)
Gabriel and Dresden - Bloom (Album)
Body Language Volume One Mixed By M.A.N.D.Y (Album)
Sasha - Fundacion NYC (Album)
Balance 005 (Mixed By James Holden) (Album)
Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Album)

Stevie Wonder - My love is on fire This highs rocks!

Meat Loaf - Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back (Remix)
The soundstage of this REMIX is the best soundsage I've ever heard.
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Led Zeppelin--The Rain Song

That's with my Shure E4s... I love it .
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"Feels So Good" Chuck Mangione
"Dvorak: Cello Concerto" Yoyo Ma
"I Can't Lose" Deborah Coleman
"A Toda Cuba Le Gusta" Afro Cuban Allstars
"Ain't Enough Comin In" Otis Rush
"Bach The Goldberg Variations" Kurt Rodarmer
"Buena Vista Social Club"
"From the Cradle" Eric Clapton
"Johannes Passion" Arvo Part
"Kind of Blue" Miles Davis
"Live In Paris" Diana Krall

Ah, dinner's on! Clams oreganata and lasagna, can't resist!
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Not songs, but albums:

Bebo Valdes: Bebo & Cigalia
Ray Brown Trio: Live at the Loa (SACD)
Art Pepper: Art Pepper Meets the Rythym Section (SACD)
Paco De Lucia: Siroco
Buddy Guy: DJ Play My blues (SACD)
Mark O'conner: New Nashville Cats
Hellecasters: Escape From Hollywood
Jane Monheit: Taking a Chance on Love
Diana Krall: Only Trust Your Heart (SACD)
Crystal Method: Vegas, specifically the song Vapor Trails
Maceo Parker: Mo' Roots
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Jane Monheit, Somewhere over the Rainbow, RS-1's - that's an eargasm for sure.

Beethoven String Quartets with the RS-1 - can't beat strings on the RS-1
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