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Thank you Head-Fi

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Today is the last day of my summer internship, so I will no longer be able to maintain such a strong involvement here, I won't have nearly as much time to waste here when I'm at school as when I'm being paid to "work" . It's been a great summer, I wouldn't have been nearly as unproductive had it not been for you guys. It will be a sad day for me when I drop off the "Top 20 posters" list, but I won't be able to maintain my involvement at school.

On the plus side I will be able to listen to my headphones more I hope, which will be awesome, although it will probably all be while studying . I'll still check it as much as I can, hopefully at least once a day, but I am used to keeping this site open all day while I'm at work, I will be lonely without you guys. So have fun everyone and thank you all for help in building my system.

If Blr's OBH-11 and SR-60s are actually waiting for me at home (long story, f#@$ing USPS) then I should be able to post pics of my system before I go back to school, but who knows.
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Good luck in your studies, grrr. I'm in a pretty similar situation down here, although I will still be "working" part-time. And we promise not to rent out your login id while you're at school!
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yeah end of summer is near and boy does it suck will be kneedeep in the books again in less than 3 weeks. might be healthy if my online-time drops a bit tho, for the phone bill at least.

and hey, studying is a pretty good excuse for listening to some good music through some damned fine headphones if you ask me

getting started again after 3 months of doing nothing productive at all is kinda hard tho
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SCORE, I was under the impression that this company would never hire another MIT student again after having me here for the summer, but apparently I did something right because I just got offered a job if I ever want to return. That means I'm guaranteed $15 an hour for a couple of weeks over Christmas and we all know what that means....


The fact that I'm done with work in 2 hours for a long time, and then I'm goign to Outback Steakhouse with a ton of friends from high school after that is making me a very happy person right about now.

On a very random note: Has anyone from Australia ever been to an Outback Steakhouse and care to comment on their food?
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hmm outback steakhouse ?
sounds scary

let me guess they say things like Bonza and call you Mate

i will definately have top go and check one out if i ever make it to the US - it should be a good laugh

We have lonestar's here ( supposedly texan ) but they dont speak in a sow southern drawl ( thank god for that )

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grrr, best of luck with school -- make us proud!
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Good luck Grrr. its nice to know i helped contribute to your delinquency in the truest of american tradition...
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too bad they don't serve any SKIPPY at the outback steakhouse.

(. . . they should!)
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Well, your frequent posting will be missed. As you stated, you'll be checking back at least once a day, so I'm glad you'll still be participating.

MIT, eh? We got a smart one here!

Study hard!

-- Jude --
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