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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
although I just sold my 650's (my SM3 doesnt do them justice), you can't say you dont like the HD650 until you've heard it balanced on the SDS-XLR

great review by the way! very informative, and tangible for such hard things to describe as the subtlties of headphones....
I agree 100%; this review was spot on. Now time to find a suitable source. In addition to source, which DAC/cable combo would give the 650 more low end slam?
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Great review, a very pleasant read.
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Wow. Great review. Helped convince me to get a pair of 650's. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive review.
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Holy crud lol the last old post was made on my birthday.

Great to see good reviews bumped though, esp. since the 650 is still asked about often here.
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Excellent review. Made me order a set of 650's, which will be my second go-round with them. This time I'm going to spring for the Equinox cable to go with them.

BTW what effect, if any, does the Equinox 650 cable have on the bass of the 650?
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
Wow, this really is one of the best-written reviews I've read, of anything. You did a wonderful job giving a fine, detailed account of the HD 650 without resorting to useless jargon. Thanks for the review!
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Wow, somebody dredged up a classic.

Vertigo could well be the reason that I own an HD650 today.
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This is a great review, and though old still holds up to what these headphone truely do well and part of the reason I made the commitment to buying them.
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Great review. I have recently bought a HD650 - I'm a total novice and just want to start out on a good pair of headphones. HD650 is what I can afford so that's where I start.

I'm just figuring out what people are saying, the terminology of headphones, etc. One comment I want to make is that about the "laid back" factor.

I was watching a TV documentary programme I downloaded from the iPlayer on my laptop using the HD650 and I heard something metallic thing knocking at the back of my head, I thought this is impossible, my back was just facing a wall and I turned around to see what's going on, and all I saw was a blank wall. So this realistic metal knocking noise was generated by the headphones! If this headphone can portray something right at the back of my head I can't understand what is so laidback about it.
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This is an incredibly detailed yet objective review, and IMO should be the defacto standard for all reviews. Very impressive!

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