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damn, my 10$ soundcart is dying :/  

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yeah, it's been holding up for almost half a year already, breakdown time! it's squeeling out of the right channel, horrid with some decent cans and gives me a blasting headache out of the (equally expesive) multimedia speakers...

so, whaddya say would be a nice cheap replacement? I'd like it to last a year or two. no 3D crap (lol, not gonna happen cheap anyway) or anything fancy. just something to listen to the odd mp3 (and really bad sounding ones at that, haven't got the CD's yet) and the poinks and bleeps in some old games I like to play evry-now-and-then (Starcraft Gold being my newest toy , guess where my money usually goes ).

so, 30 bucks tops for a PCI soundcard? Terratec? SB? what?
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Eh, at that price just get a SoundBlaster 128. You might be able to find a SB Live Value around $30. That'd at least give you the advantage of driver support.

BTW, who is your avatar?
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Its Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII. Me and some guys have a forum, almost all of us FF fans. So we got some FF7 mugshots and made some negatives out of em. pretty cool no?

thanks for the tips BTW. will nose around tomorrow, see what I can find.
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It's a negative? Oh, that would explain the color scheme... Yeah, that's pretty cool!

I like the FF games as well, but I'm much more of a fan of the earlier ones, like II (IV in Japan) and III (VI in Japan).
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yeah, one of the guys is heavily into those old games. I tried to find some of the old FF's, no luck yet tho.
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Well, I "found" a translated version of II (the hard version, not the easy American version), but the darn thing has a bug so a certain, necessary scripted event that is supposed to automatically happen won't happen. I need to "find" a non-corrupt version so I can actually finish the game again.
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hm, thats sucks.

we used to have some discussions about them on a board that died a few months ago. there were probably some links in there. we're trying to get the archives from the admin. if I find something, I'll let ya know, okay?
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I'd very much appreciate it, and likewise for you...
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FF7. Hmmm, is that where you got your name from as well, Braver?

The new FF Chronicles for the Playstation has a newer (supposedly much better) translation of FF2/4, and is a port of the original Japanese game, siginifcantly harder than the easytype original US edition. And the disc also has Chrono Trigger, one of my favorite video games ever.
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Well, not trying to start a console war here, but I refuse to buy a Playstation. Any other console (well, any other non-Sony console), and I'd buy that disc in a heartbeat.
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damn, you don't know half how bad I want a PS for those RPG's. the funds are a problem tho, as always..

and yes indeed, that's where I got the name from! it's Cloud's first limit-break IIRC. (and my first name is Koen, which is Dutch for brave )

*kicks himself in the head again for selling that classic game*

I mean, in all those years and no game ever came close. Planescape: Torment tried but wasn't as gripping. and FF8 didn't have those cute tiny characters. Vert knows what I'm talking about. some of the game's music still brings me to tears...*sigh*
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Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Final Fantasy 7 is probably my favorite game, period. I've played through it about 4 times now . . . it just never ceases to amaze me. A very rich, complex storyline, the villians, everything just came together magically.

The music is spectacular too, a few themes that come to mind instantly are Red13's Theme, Cid's Theme, the list goes on.

I wrote 3 seperate papers on it for my Japanese Popular Culture class.
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